2/13 - Official Overhaul Update #1!

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2/13 - Official Overhaul Update #1!

Postby *Admin Manda » Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:13 pm

Hello, witches and wizards! I know it's been a bit since you've heard from us with more than a tiny update here or there. As it turns out, overhauling the Vault the way that we have been takes a lot of work--more than we even anticipated! We've had to do a lot of stuff by hand, and it can be a little time consuming. Currently we're up to 94 resource pages that have been copied over to the new site (including all of the roster pages) and still have many more to copy, update, improve, and create. We've also got several staff members combing over the rosters to help prune inactive accounts, make sure everyone's profile links are up to date, and make sure everything looks super shiny.

That said, even though this isn't the usual huge fancy update with lots of graphics, I did want to give everyone an update on what we've gotten done so far!

Player Patio Overhaul
    As some of you have undoubtedly already noticed, we've taken a close look at survey requests, feedback, and how the old OOC forums were being used and given them a complete do-over. Instead of three sections to post in, we now have SIX! You can check these out by clicking this portkey: viewforum.php?f=25

    We're also working on rolling out a fancy Wizard Photos feature to the OOC forums! A few forums, such as the Member Lounge, have these turned on already. If you'd like to add a Wizard Photo to your post, just look for the "Accio Wizard Photos!" link on the right side of the post reply box. Please note that this currently isn't available in all OOC sections, but we're working on rolling it out to all of them and hope to have it set up for all of Player Patio, all of the Community Teams, and in Meet & Greet within the next few days.

Resource Library & Navigation Updates
    Wow-wow-wow! We finally got around to setting up our new Resource Library, and while it is not 100% complete and does not look quite as pretty as the final version will, I can confirm that the links in it all work! Additionally, we've updated the top navigation menu to feature a few handy links we think everyone will find useful. We will likely continue to update this menu once we finish copying pages over to the new site, and will absolutely be updating the Resource Library as we go. :) In fact, I'd link you to the Resource Library, but you should check out the top navigation bar for yourself! If you're on mobile, we should have the navigation bar working better for you soon, so thanks for your patience!

    In addition to the Resource Library, we also have a super handy Site Map (found here: http://www.vault713.com/site-map/ ) that has a link to every page on the site alphabetically. So if you can't find something in the Resource Library, you can always check there! (This link is, of course, also in the Resource Library.

    We're also in the process of improving the navigation on the resource pages and front of the Vault to include even more useful stuff than ever before. You'll now find updated House Points totals, Community Team standings, and more! Keep an eye out for it to get even BETTER, too!

New Feature -- Community Posts
    We've been pouring over survey results, talking with members, and brainstorming ways to make the Vault even cooler and really build the community atmosphere, and one of the first things we're rolling out to help with that is Community Posts! While the first of these posts are coming from the staff, in the future we look forward to publishing articles, lists, and other fun stuff from members like you. Yes, YOU!

    You can see a full list of current Community Posts on the front of http://www.vault713.com for now, but we'd like to highlight one series in particular: our new Ask an Admin feature! We admins get a lot of questions asking about the details of the world, clarifications on specific rules, and roleplaying advice, so we thought this would be a fun way to not only give you guys the answers you've been asking for, but also to share more information with the whole Vault community. You can ask whatever you want, and every week we'll answer a question (or a few!) from the list. You're welcome to share your name, but you can also be completely anonymous if you'd like! Head on over to http://www.vault713.com/ask-an-admin/ now to check it out!

What's Next?
    As I mentioned earlier, we are still working on a lot of things. Notably, we hope to have a pretty awesome announcement over the next couple days about how some features will be undergoing some big changes to better reflect what you guys asked for on our recent improvement survey! We also still have a lot of "clean up" work to do around the site, including:
    • Tidying up the roster pages so they look less like flobberworms got a hold of them
    • Fixing the various bugs around the forum caused by rogue hexes
    • Repairing all of the broken links around the site (Click here to see how you can help!)
    • Casting summoning spells to recover our missing resource pages
    • Preparing the mysterious new feature changes to be announced soon
    ...and more!

    I promise you'll hear from us again soon! In the mean time, here's some links you may want to check out:

Happy Roleplaying, and keep your wand out of your back pocket!


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Re: 2/13 - Official Overhaul Update #1!

Postby Samara Raillen » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:58 pm

Wooooo! Fancy stuff!

no fair manda you said you wouldn't tell anyone about the flobberworm incident; it was an accident I swear!


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Re: 2/13 - Official Overhaul Update #1!

Postby Damian Walhalla » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:53 pm

*Admin Manda wrote: keep your wand out of your back pocket!

Better wizards than you have lost buttocks!

Awesome job, Manda, as always.

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Re: 2/13 - Official Overhaul Update #1!

Postby Eugenie Harsperton » Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:29 pm



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