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We have received $ 35 in donations this month. Our monthly goal is to raise $ 150

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All donations of at least $5 USD will receive each month's basic reward. If the monthly goal is met, all donors will also receive the Goal Reward! Additional prizes, fundraising initiatives, and more may be added spontaneously throughout the season, so keep an eye out!

All donations that meet the $5 USD minimum will also grant you access to Club 713 for the season! Club 713 members receive:
★ Ability to have a maximum 75 private messages per folder instead of 30
★ 1 additional Free Season Character per season, for a total of 2
★ 2 additional Unfinished Story Requests per season, for a total of 3
★ Access to exclusive polls, surveys, and content previews

Vault 713 donations are used to pay for server hosting fees, domain registration fees, database backup services, premium software extensions, and more. We offer rewards to players who choose to make a monetary contribution to site upkeep but encourage all players to remember that our end goal is to keep Vault 713 online and ad-free as long as possible.

Fall 2019 Season Reward: In addition to monthly rewards, all donors this season will receive 1 Fall 2019 Curio for their Curio Cabinet for every $2 they donate, and may add a Skill Certification to any character created during the Fall 2019 season so long as the Certification is claimed before December 25, 2019.

November 2019 Rewards: Curio Crazy!

Basic Reward: For every $5 USD donated, you will receive 3 Autumn Curios.

Goal Reward: All donors will receive a full set of 2019 Autumn Curios

October 2019 Rewards: Let's Get Spooky!

Basic Reward: Create a character who is a non-human type in their primary era for a cost of 0 Quills. This includes Centaur, Ghost, Giant, Goblin, Hag, House Elf, Merfolk, Vampires, Veela, and Werewolves. It’s time to get spooky!

Basic Reward: For every $5 USD donated, you will receive 3 Halloween Curios. Even more spooky!

Goal Reward: All October rewards will be doubled if our goal is met! Twice the 0 Quill characters, twice the curios!

September 2019 Rewards: Platform 9 and 3/4 Awaits!

Basic Reward: Create a character who is a student in their primary era for a cost of 0 Quills. Characters can attend any active school in any active era but must primarily be a student character.

Basic Reward: Threads completed in the Sandbox forums will be worth 3 Quills each for donors, through October 15th, 2019.

Goal Reward: Each player who donates during the month of September will be able to create a new school club or adult character faction at a cost of 0 Quills, pending staff approval.

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