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Information and resources dedicated to setting the scene and outlining timeline plots. Also includes additional resources for international settings and world-building.
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American Wizarding Culture
A resource detailing American Wizarding Culture, with advice on how to play magical characters there
Canon Information Policy
Vault 713's overview of accepted Harry Potter canon lore, including; accepted canon sources, lore the site follows, and changes to the current lore to suit the site's set up
Current Plot Information
The current overarching plot for each timeline
North & Central American Bestiary
All you need to know about the types of beasts and creatures found in North and Central America
North & Central American Magical Education
Information about magical education in North and Central America, including; playable schooling, school systems, and schooling locations
Music in the Wizarding World
A resource to help inspire those with characters interested in magical music careers or hobbies and how it differs to non-magical music
Schools & Education in the Wizarding World
Additional information about magical schooling & education, including; international systems, non-playable schools, and Vault 713 original systems
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