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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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RP • Experiment with what would happen when your favorite Harry Potter characters and locations are mixed up with other settings and stories.
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[Galway] || Set The World On Fire
by Cailly  - 
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 by Vyreia
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 by Ejder
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 by Vyreia
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[X-Files] PotterFiles : I Want To Believe
by Lilly  - 
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 by Jason
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 by Jason
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 by Purple
[Hogwarts 1991-1992] Madman With A Box
by Lilly  - 
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 by TyrellRose
[Marvel] Earth to Earth
by deraforia  - 
6 Replies 
 by deraforia