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RPVictorian Era Plot & Overview
One of the world's most famous wizards begins his schooling at Hogwarts in a time when non-magical society's obsession with death and the afterlife threatens to accidentally expose magic.
Forum rules: Welcome to Victorian Era! Set in 1894, this era encompasses the formative years of one of the world's most accomplished wizards and explores non-magical society's fascination with death and the spirit world. Jump in to one of the roleplaying regions available below, or keep scrolling to browse all of the latest news from the era to learn more about what is going on in the world.

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News Brief
5 January 1894
London Gazette
A New World
Antonín Dvořák's Symphony From the New World is considered a roaring success following its debut last month at Carnegie Hall. The music is hauntingly reminiscent of the sounds of the New World, and serves as a reminder that music is universal.

At its debut in America, there was not a single individual in their seat. The entire audience cheered, and the event is now being considered the height of Dvořák's career.

The Symphony is expected to debut in Europe later this year, and is being lauded as one of the greatest compositions of the decade

London Ghost Tour
A group of ghost enthusiasts in London have arranged a ghost tour of the city.

After a string of ghost sightings across London, a small group has taken it upon themselves to chart these sightings and put together a tour of the most likely places to encounter a ghost.

"We are eager to convene with the spirits of those departed and hear what they can tell us," said one of the organizers, who wished to remain anonymous.

The tour is expected to debut later this month, and will take participants to no less than 5 locations around the city where ghosts have been seen. Those on the tour will participate in a seance at every location in an attempt to contact the afterlife. The tour will occur over the course of a week. Potential participants are encouraged to complete a spiritual cleansing before coming on the tour, as the spirits may not come to those who are unclean.

For more information, contact London Ghost Tours.

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