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 #35026  by Captain Gunnar Kaylock
Location: London, England • Date: January 1894

The sound of engines chugging, coughing their oils and spitting steam filled the air. Clattering of metals, the slight grind of mechanical cogs and sprockets, the delightful song of his ship easing to a whisper as he pulled into the dock. Anchoring up was easy at this point after so many years, and this beautiful beast of a boat was his delight; his treasure; his most prized possession. If he didn't know how she hummed against the waves by now, he never would. But as they came to a halt, a very slight drift from left to right from the steady current, Gunnar could smell that London air.

It was like a bittersweet perfume to him now. London had been a second home to him - the mender of his darling Nereida, the caregiver to his crew. And yet, it was also a dwindling pit of turmoil. A reminder of how far he'd come, and how far he had left to go. With every visit back to London, he was faced with the realisation that his promises remained still unfulfilled. He had already said that the last journey would be the one they'd finally find the best treasure of all; he'd never told them what that treasure was; they all presumed it was just gold, regardless. But there was no gold to be had in the last venture either. This one had been a complete and utter failure.

Breathing in the pollution of the city that nursed him and and his ship, he docked, and laid down the plank to the land before stepping across. Already, he missed the sway of the water. A dock attendant approached, lifting his brows at Kaylock.

"Back so soon, Captain?" He spoke, a toothy grin following, clearly mocking the captain.

"Yes, quite. Wouldn't want to see you scrounging at the foot of a public house again. Must keep the needy and needless in jobs, you see." He quipped, then pulled out a crown piece from his pocket and held it to the steward. "Don't forget to polish the rigs this time."

He watched the man nod and smirk, pulling a cloth from his pocket and setting aboard the ship. Captain Kaylock looked among the dock, inhaling deeply, taking it all in once again.
 #35038  by James Peaton
Back so soon, he overheard... It didn't even feel as long as the last voyage. Just looking out at the London town bustling had him yearning to go back to the vast seas. Nothing but opportunity and mystery, she was. Their efforts fruitless once more but optimistic he remained. James already made a list of essentials and hoped they would be in and out towards their next adventure. He heard many of Captain Kaylocks' stories and wished to live them out with the man.

The oceans swayed the boat beneath his feet and though now the air polluted with city grim, he could not only smell but feel the salty air tickling his shaven face. A slight burning sting upon the now delicate skin. He could fit everything in a single bag and though nothing came from their adventure, he was sure to whittle up some odds and ends that sell decently in the local shops. Moving from his room, he eyed the Captain upon the pier. He looked so confident and in control. A man to admire. James looked upon the Captain as a guardian, a second father and he respected the man. Trusting him to his core and knowing he wouldn't lead them astray on purpose.

"The next one Captain. Mark my words, you're on to something. I know it!" he shouted to his Captain with a bright doe-eyed smile as he moved along the ship to walk with the man. "Got a few odds to sell for myself, but where you gonna venture to?" he asked curiously, so as to meet up with him after getting a few things ready for the next voyage.

James had much to learn still and he strived to be useful onboard the Nereida. The only ship he had been on was a small fisher boat with his father in Portstewart. Even given the title of 'Deck Cadet' and not fully understanding the meaning of things he had to do. Though being as he just kept on doing what he pleased, he must've been doing it right. No one said otherwise, so far.
 #35048  by Captain Gunnar Kaylock
The captain flicked his head to the side at the sound of his deck cadet's voice. The boy was a fairly recent addition to the crew - or perhaps, not so recent as he felt it was. After all, Gunnar had been on the waters for over thirty years; a year felt like a mere instance in many cases. And yet, in all that time, the charming call of the ocean had not dissipated in the slightest; she was still as teasingly beautiful as ever. And that's what his mission was. It was also the reason he was still the lowly man he was to this day. He had of course had his chance to take up a wife, but he knew, he would never give up his one true love.

"Mm, yes. Just unlucky this time, Jim-Boy." He spoke, his voice gruff and baritone, using the somewhat affectionate nickname for James. "Must have been a swing of the waves. You know, sometimes they just don't want you to go to where you want to go - it is all navigational science, you see. The ocean has a heart, and she will guide us. This time? She wasn't ready for us to venture to unknown shores. Who can blame her - we are a force to be reckoned with."

He looked over to James, a smirk coming to his lips, a slight twinkle of humour in his eyes. He was clearly jesting in some manner of speaking, though perhaps that was more out of habit at this point.

"I am thinking of heading down to the local public house, perhaps heading to my regular fish fryer. If there's one thing I do miss, it is the battered fish wrapped in The London Gazette." He chuckled. "Would you like me to pay your ration?"
 #35303  by James Peaton
The captain was definitely old in his years but plenty more to still go. Hearing the endearing nickname the Captain saw fit to call him, always put a smile on James' face. It didn't take long for the boy to feel welcomed upon the Nereida and the crew quickly became like family to him. That was one reason why he strived to be his best and learn as much as he could. Nodding towards the reasonings of their fruitless adventure, he couldn't help but slightly feel guilty that he wasn't learning quickly enough to be of any help to his captain. Though quickly shaking the very thought for promised tomorrows and new adventures still awaited him yet.

Though the sound of food, making his stomach growled definitely intrigued him, he still had yet to sell his wares. The captain, however, seemed to know his weakness as he mentioned free food. James' neck hurt from the whiplash as he turned to look towards Kaylocks' kind face. "Seriously?" he asked, jaw slightly ajar in awe. "You're awesome Captain!" he complimented as his hands clasped together in front of him. He was being treated by Captain Kaylock and to Jim, there was no better honor. The aroma of food floated through the air as they got close and the smell was enthralling. He had to think of a way to repay the man somehow for his generosity. He always felt he owned Kaylock his life after taking him in. "How long do you think we'll be docked for?".

His own question playing in his mind. There were so many preparations to be done after docking. Making sure the ship was stocked with food and other necessities, along with ensuring the proper paperwork was filled out. He wanted to grab a scope from the local wares as well as a few new comforters and sheets for the upcoming trip. Staying dry while out at the sea was vital for the crew's wellbeing. He needed to also grab more medicinal herbs and things to help with common illness and sores that come from spending too long out at sea. His mind was racing with all the different things they still had yet to prepare and amongst everything he also wondered if he truly was a good choice for a deck cadet to being with. Lost in thought and slightly zoned out.
 #35306  by Captain Gunnar Kaylock
Captain Kaylock hummed lowly, the tone of his voice gravelly and hitched as he moved to grab something from the inside of his coat. His fingers brushed momentarily on his medal, something he claimed to have earned for his services in the royal navy. He'd spoken a few times about his time serving for the navy to the other crew members, including James; often they are rather involved stories, boasting about the sights he saw and the perilous journeys he survived. The sea beasts would roar in his wake, he claimed - the salty gusts of wind would sing his name, he foretold - the muttering among the shores were of his achievements, he gloated. And still, the Captain's confidence never wavered.

"No longer than a fortnight, I presume. I hope a lot less, but unfortunately there are many errands I have to attend to. Family matters, restocking, acquiring goods for passage, attaining more crew; all of the responsibilities of a good captain." He spoke, pulling out a wooden pipe and placing the reed between his lips before following with the tobacco and lighter. He huffed for a moment, enjoying the smoky burn of it before looking over to James.

"Do you not have other plans, boy? No flirtation to attend to? The sea is a lonely place, you know. Best to make the most of the surface - just try not to get tied down. I wouldn't want to have to try and find another deck cadet." He commented, chuckling at the end before signalling for the younger to follow him down the dock toward the streets of London.