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Welcome to the La Fratta Midsummer Party!
Unfamiliar with how site-wide events are run? Then jump right down to the rules!

Who are the La Frattas?
The La Fratta family are an upper-class family residing in Italy. They are well known for their high influence, fashion, and opinions on many marketing opportunities. The party is to be hosted by Michelle La Fratta.

Some recommended contacts and guests for the event are: Aristocrats, Journalists, Ministry officials.

What's the dress code?
"Black tie" is often appropriate, however this year's dress theme for the party is A Midsummer's Night. Fairies, nymphs, dryads, and other magical creatures are highly anticipated outfit ideas.

So what does this place look like?
The party takes place at the La Fratta Summer Villa in Lake Como, Italy.

Spacious area, stone-flooring, surrounded by Romanesque pillars that hold up a large capital that runs the length and width of the courtyard. These open to the other areas of the villa.

Tall shrubs and winding like the gardens at Versailles. There are many magical plants here and somewhere deep inside there is a sphinx that Emilie denies is there. The pride of Emilie La Fratta.

From the courtyard or the gardens, this is a private shoreline for the La Frattas along Lake Como. Accessible via multiple stone staircases down to a dock.

Games Tables:
Close to the pool area (west from the courtyard; magicked so no one falls in). Dealers from Paris and Monaco, 5 total

Along the northern end of the courtyard, mahogany counters, open bar, and champagne flutes being refilled every few minutes to be served on floating trays.

How long is the party?
Festivities promptly start at 7 PM and ends at 2AM.
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How to Participate

The Rundown
  • This event runs from July 30th - August 20th.
  • Only threads in the event forum will be considered part of the event.
  • All threads in the event forum will be open. Reserved threads are not permitted.
  • Any character that received an invitation or otherwise has a reason to attend may participate.
  • For security reasons, all wands must be checked in at the door.
  • It is highly suggested that you write in the Guest Book before posting elsewhere.

Starting New Threads
  • Anyone may start a new thread at any time.
  • When you start a new thread, you'll choose from one of the following locations for your title tags (e.g. [Courtyard] Title Name):
    • Courtyard
    • Garden
    • Beach
    • Games Tables
    • Bar
  • All threads take place at the same time. When starting a new thread, be sure to check for the latest event.

Joining and Posting
  • All threads will be ongoing until the event ends or all characters have left the thread.
  • Characters are encouraged to enter and leave threads as they please.
  • You may participate in as many threads simultaneously as you would like.
  • There is no limit to the number of players who may participate in a thread.
  • Once you enter a thread, you do not need to remain in it until the end of the event.
  • Post order is optional, but please be respectful and make sure everyone gets a chance to post.
  • Random events will help move things along and will not be optional.

Have questions about the event? You may post them here!