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The Creativity Fest in March had such an amazing reception that we decided to bring it back in style! This is an event meant to celebrate the creativity of our members and provide inspiration for everyone to write and enjoy.
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Creativity/Writing Game:
Fall Recipes!
Challenge Overview

We want to know what your characters' favourite fall recipes are!

How to Participate
Choose one of your characters and share a fall-themed recipe they would make for themselves or their loved ones! Then, explain why it is a favourite recipe of theirs! It can be a recipe you find on the internet, or a recipe you personally know!

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Please post separately for each entry into this challenge! Upon posting you will receive 5 Quills for each recipe you submit.

You may enter this challenge up to three times.

Participation Form
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[b]OOC Name:[/b]
[b]Recipe:[/b] (you may link or post the recipe here)
[b]Explanation:[/b] Why does this recipe mean something to your character?