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Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts!

Its September, and you know what that means? I gotta get myself back to Hogwarts! Errr...Well our characters do at least! For this site wide event where no matter your primary era everyone is going to be at Hogwarts at the same time! The Weasley Twins and Peeves have nothing on the sort of ciaos that is about to fill the Halls of Hogwarts. For a limited time Legacy era students can rub shoulders with the very first students of Hogwarts. And do not despair! Doesn’t matter if your character is a proud graduate of Blessed Isis or maybe even didn’t attend school, for a limited time everyone is welcome to don some Hogwarts robes and walk its majestic halls as a student! As for any current Hogwarts staff no matter your era, feel free to mix it up, join the others as a student in one thread, but the next feel free to try teach a class of new faces!

The Need To Knows
  • Yes, any character on the whole Vault can participate! They do NOT have to be a Hogwarts student normally, but they must be a Hogwarts student or faculty in this section.

  • All threads must still follow basic Vault 713 rules and guidelines.

  • This is NOT a Canon Event - feel free to mix things up!

  • Everyone is welcome to participate, no matter how long you've been playing with us!

  • The event will end on September 21st.