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 #40258  by Zhao Cong
On the front of the note, it said clearly
Regarding your father
Mr, Takayama, I am glad to inform you that your father is here with me as I write this letter. We've made a few deals, gained some common goals the benefit both of us. With the Dark lord taking over vampire clans all over we request your help, in return we will keep him from overtaking Japan should it become known that's his intentions.

Secondly, Your fathers wants out. As do I, I am willing to help him in exchange for a way out myself but I need to make a plan. For this plan to work I need you to come and get him - Once I've thinned out the numbers without suspect. To put it simply, as much as you probably hate to do it I need you to wait for me to do that. It'll take time. a lot of time. In the meantime I will be having your father write once a week to update you on said plan and his own matters.

Below he has signed, as have I. With this paper is a contract of proof this has been a deal made between both parties. I do hope to hear back from you, but please when you do respond make it look like a member of Jiangs army. I have given a name and a few letter envelopes in order to make this possible.

If all is agreed on your end, I would like to plan a formal meeting on your territory.

Zhao Cong,
Nakamura Yoru.
 #40259  by Shiro Takayama
Mr, Zhao, Mr. Nakamura,

I find it hard to believe that after all this time you thought it would be a smart idea to tell me that not only my boss is alive but you have had him captive. In fact the only reason you are even getting a proper response is due to the contract giving me the proof I need to know your not totally out of your mind and that he is indeed working with you. He's probably offered you a position under my rule, I can tell you that will not be happening. I can however agree to helping him get you safely to Japan. I assume you want to make it look like you've been killed to keep your boss off your tracks. We can do that, but once your here your on your own.

What I can't agree with is helping your organization with the issue of the dark lord and the vampire take over. I suggest any one you hold dear stays in China and out of England or our territory as we are not afraid to send them right into his territory, as you've already found out the hard way.

As for your requested meeting, I will be willing to disregard your coming this once. You'll get one meeting. After that you are not exempt until I have my father on Japanese soil. I will send you the address.

Yoru, I see your foolish plan on getting involved with this Batsu clan has gotten you in quite the pinch. They've been nothing but a pain in my side since. I am dropping the case, and focusing on other matters. Don't let this think that I'm not glad your alive, I suspect turned but alive none the less. I will be in touch, don't get cocky. Lay low. Let me take care of this.

Takayama, Shiro.
 #40260  by Zhao Cong
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 #40261  by Shiro Takayama
Mr. Zhao,

You sure are making a lot of demands, I would assume since I've been polite so far you wouldn't test your luck. In anycase, I assume this vampire is loyal and unwilling to leave the safety of his post yet holds the same opinion that you do, that any orders he couldn't deny if given. I am sure the same would be expected of you. If I am to give either of you pardon I need a secondary contract, even better would be an oath of death should you go back on your word. Yoru would be happy to be the executioner I'm sure.

You honestly think I was looking into contracts when I was cleaning up your mess? I was making sure our organization wasn't targeted, that included getting the victims to not talk. I had to be involved. Tell your vampire friend to calm down on his demands, I'll look at his contract of pardon when he sees me face to face.

I will not be responding to anymore letters until said meeting, but do keep me updated to ensure my father is indeed still alive in the meantime.

Takayama Shiro.