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 #27893  by Maki
I'm looking for non plot related, lax threads for the few of my people I have not posted with. For reasons I do not feel comfortable listing here...I will not join a random thread unless it is meant for one of my people. Here's the list, I would love to post with some people. :)

Ambrose Noble:
anti social but sweet as can be....so awkwardly shy? Idk.
Coffe shops, potion shops....home

Yoru Nakamura:
Evil - underground war lord in asia...would be known in England but not as known.
Usually seen in musky bars.

Hiro Kawazaki:
Logical, sits in the corner watching people.
Loves fight club
Usually in bars, fight club or shopping for his family.

Tommaso Cortopassi:
Muggle raised but magical
Addicted to cars and old music
Guarded but a chill person in conversation
Usually seen in the garage,home or around town.

Yukiko Binx:
Snobby but kind in some situations
polite in public
From a well known family in Japan before marrying into the equally well known Binx family.
Usually seen working, in clothing stores and sometimes in Daigon alley.

Gemma Batsu:
From the well known Batsu family (before most were slaughtered.
Well known singer in Japan.
Usually found shopping in public, coffee shops ect. Really I can post here ANYWHERE.

Damon ainsworth*:
From the known pureblood Ainsworth family, most are in hiding though as they were known dark lord sopporters.
Cocky but sweet and respectful.
Follows the law. (works for the ministry)

Miyuki Takayama:
Model in legacy, child golden. *
Can play her anywhere, As she travels for work.

Mark Binx:
Ravenclaw in golden, blue lagoon accountant in reformation and up.
Guarded, but kind and understanding
Will play him anywhere but golden due to big plot going on. (that is missing a key player.)

*Only playing them in legacy for this round.

Anyone insterested please send me a message in my Maki inbox, I do not have discord on my phone nor do I have the space for it atm....(Sue me, I love wasting time at work on games. :P)