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In one of the few places that were friendly to his kind a lone vampire sat nursing his forth drink, dressed in his older clothes he ignored the looks he got from others the glass sliding over the dark oak counter to be refilled. This man was in no good or bad mood, simply enjoying a few nightcaps before he went back to the hotel - he'd be headed back to China the next day with news for his boss. News that his transports were safe and on their way,

A job he didn't mind, it was less blood shed and more about treasure and boy did he love to see some priceless gems here and there. It reminded him of the old days when he personally wore them to show his status. He even had a set of gems sown onto his hair tie, the gems flowing into the back of his long black hair.

The people were dancing and having a good time, some vampires others seemed to be either werewolves or those who liked the company of non-human/magical species. That was actually a sight he enjoyed, people coming together of all kinds with no hate for the other. He was nursing his last drink when the door opened the barkeep naming the person at the door.
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'Wen Xiang, Our Favorite vampire!' The vampire stopping in his tracks as he stumbled making sure the door didn't slam shut, that was rude and he could never be rude to the people here.
"I'm sorry I didn't catch the door..." The innkeeper waved him off, pointing to a seat. He smiled, having some back just for the week to see some old friends the innkeeper included.

It wasn't a moment later that his top drink was on the table in front of him.
"How....is...everyone?" He asked the barkeep starting to go into the recent news.
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At first he thought he was drunk, having not heard that name in five years. Tracking down the vampire that was almost like your son when said vampire had chosen to travel everywhere in the world was not as easy as it sounded when that same vampire was unregistered and not easy to track. Looking around however, a smile sprung on his face, his feet instantly hitting the floor.
"Xian wu!" He said using the name given to him directly by the family, a sign that the two were friends rather than two people passing in the night.

"You know... your a very hard person to find I had to look all over and still," He used his hands to show a 'poofing' sign in the air. "Nothing." He wrapped an arm around his friends shoulder getting a look from the innkeeper.
"You know...we did agree on our little sign every now and then, what happened to that?" He smirked, pausing to the man. "I'm the sire and good friend, back off." He then grinned. "Right Xian?"
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'You know-' The barkeep was in the middle of a story the wide eyed vampire hanging on his last words when he heard his name appeared from the other side of the bar. Turning his head he smiled lightly, the light smile turning into a grin as the other man made his way to where he sat and started rambling...then he smile fell and guild seeped into his bones.
"Y-yes but with Jiang y-you know....I'm...I'm sorry." He rubbed the back of his head, the man who had been gossiping with him however looked about two seconds away from kicking Zhao out.

"N-no, he's not wrong. He's like....the only family left..." He smiled again. "This is Zhao Cong." The innkeeper nodded informing him he'd gossip later and let the two catch up.
"Heathy as ever first General Zhao." He said fingering his glass a bit. "Is..." He leaned into the others ear, "Is Jiang..."
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He watched, the innkeeper leaving them to business the grin not leaving his face until the mention of the boss was mentioned his eyebrows knitting into confusion. Jiang out of his palace of forever old China? He was wondering if his littler friend had lost a few nuts while he was away, would explain the lack of contact in general. He laughed, sitting down on the seat next to him a drink appearing in front of him a moment later the keep giving him a nod of his head,
"Oh merlin no, Man won't leave his time turner of a palace even if his whole army was falling apart..." He mused. "Nope...just poor little ole me here alone doin his work for him."

"Also stop with the General crap, I'm Zhao Cong to you." He said, taking a sip of the drink in front of him. "So, how long ya in the area? Can I treat you to dinner...candle light....romance..." He grinned again the guy starting to blush.
 #38570  by Wen Xiang Wu
He smiled, a breath of relief coming from his long dead lungs as he was corrected on Ziangs location. He turned to hsi drink though as his friend went on about little ole him doing everything alone. He didn't need to...
"M-Master- I mean Zhao," He said just as he was once again corrected. If Zhao didn't want to be called General then he wouldn't want to be called master either.
"I could...maybe help..." Suggested lightly, knowing the chances of Zhao actually taking him up on that offer would be almost null and void the man always protecting him from such situations. It was worth a shot though.

He was indeed blushing as the teasing went on, knowing that even though Zhao didn't say it he'd always been pining for Yi Ling the stoic and controlled noble vampire who seemed to distain him a bit yet...protected him on a few occasions due to his connections with Zhao. He knew it hadn't been for him either time, he wasn't daft but he did appreciate it none the less.
"I-I'm umm...here for the weekend...To see friends." He confirmed, seeing the look of disappointment cross Zhao's face. "B-but I can extend it! Spend the weekend with you and...see them during the week?" He suggested smiling in his usual peaceful manner.
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His lips curled into a smile as the man beside him re-found his senses and dropped titles only to raise his eyebrows in confusion at the offer. Ziang's jobs got messy...and he didn't want his fledgling to be in the middle of anything sticky. Shaking to his head he patted his shoulder and leaned back in his chair one leg over the other.
"Naw, you know the drill...you stay ten feet away from anything involving my boss." He said simply. "I can handle it...just keep me company in-between?"

That was when the pout came in,
"well...ok then-" He started, smirking when the man quickly changed his soon and started re-working his plans for staying in england for a bit. He grinned and clapped,
"That's my buddy and pal! So, know good places to eat around here? Type AB is always good...I'm sure there's a blood bank here somewhere..." He played with the sides of his glass a bit. "Maybe from someone in their 20's...?" He added. That sounded more than nice in book, though he didn't really need to feed at the moment...a meal with Xian Wu was always in his plans.
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He sighed,
"Yes, father." He smiled, laughing a bit at the protective nature of the other man. If he were being honest Zhao had taken the place of his parents becoming his vampire father...something he would never say outloud.

He nodded, grinning gently as the man perked up. It was the question that made him pause...was there a blood bank near here? He hadn't ever seen one...but than again his main pit stops for food were the forest and the forest animals. Kept him away from the humans and kept him off of papers.
"Umm...I don't use blood banks." He said knowing where Zhao's taste for human blood came from: The towns his friends master made him slaughter. "I use...forest animals." He admitted. "S-so I don't really know." He admitted.
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Scoffing in a way to suggest that he wasn't offended but taking the others words as a joke he messed up the others hair though he really did feel the need to treat the other as his own...maybe it was due to him being his sire? Though surely that feeling should have passed by now, them being old enough for that bond to have faded a bit. Maybe this was just his natural feelings for the kid.
"Someone has to look out for ya." He said simply. "I mean I have Yi Ling...so...you gotta have someone." He said to make it less offending.

"Oh." He blinked, that was right...Wen didn't have the villages of China for meals so..." N-no we don't have to use a blood bank if you don't want to...we could always go for a hunt. Been a long time since we teamed up on a hunt." He said after remembering how he'd trained him to feed given the fact he'd have a lack of easy supply unlike him.
"Know any good places?"
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"How is Master Li," He said his hands going instantly to fix the hair that his 'father' had just messed up, the vampire not seeing any offense to be taken even before Zhao mentioned Mr Li.
"Is he still locking himself away to play music?" He asked knowing the other noble vampires habits, when Mr Li wasn't killing people in a town he was usually playing with some kind of musical tool or reading a classic novel. "Any good books?" He added.

"I-It's fine really-" He said, seeing the look of 'really Xian wu?' on the others face a moment later. He smiled downing a bit of his drink as he thought of a place to hunt. There was always the forbidden forest near the school....and it was currently summer so...they would be free of kids coming across them.
"There the forbidden forest..." He shrugged. "That's really the only place with less risk of a human interaction." He added. "The locals are scared of the place, thanks to the animals and people like us who lurk in the shadows there." He explained.
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Drink still in his mouth he looked over, his eyebrow raised as the other vampire came into conversation. Li Ying...the second commander and basically his only true friend. He chuckled swallowing his drink, enjoying the sting of it as it went down his throat.
"Li Ying is still all about his books and music...honestly getting him to do unordered fun is like asking a child to work the fields." He mused, his example showing his true age. That got the barkeeps attention, his attire now making a lot more sense.
"Last I heard he was traveling to Ziangs second city to make sure it was being built to expectation." He added.

"So...forbidden forest it is then...Wait," he paused, "Isn't that really close to this school? Are you sure there will be no humans even teachers?" He said. While he was sure the kids were gone for the summer...he didn't need a full grown adult finding them either. They were off paper, the both of them and he didn't want trouble for killing bambii in the forbidden forest.
 #38577  by Wen Xiang Wu
He nodded,
"Well...he was...a noble right? That's what nobles do..." He paused, "A-at least that's what I hear nobles do...I wouldn't really know because I wasn't one and...I'm not going to pretend I was one so yeah I-" He said, Zhao putting a hand on his shoulder. "Zhao?"
 #38578  by Zhao Cong
He chuckles,
"Relax, relax..." He said seeing the panic starting to fill the others body. He downed the rest of his drink before continuing his calming method. "No one expects you to expect how a noble acts...honestly while I obviously enjoy the perks...you know...fine clothes...money, the overflowing cups of this stuff...I think the whole title system and responsibility to be prudent is a bit overrated." He admitted.

Clapping his hands he stood up,
"So the forest, do we need to worry about the teachers or what?" He said getting back to a topic that was a bit less awkward and a little more inviting for the both of them.
"Because it's been a long time since I've enjoyed a meal with you." He added.
 #38579  by Wen Xiang Wu
He processed the words slowly, standing he grabbed his travel robe for cases of unintended sunlight walking letting the conversation of the noble sort die down.
"Umm... the teachers might be there, I-I mean in the school but they are just as weary as the students, no more weary than the students when it comes to entering it." He confirmed.
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He grinned, that was prefect...yes perfect indeed. Snatching the cloak from the other he put his arm around his shoulders after putting the money on the counter for the both of them. He'd happily treat the other man when he could...and it was a rare chance as of late that he had the opportunity.
"Good, then lets go." He said, leading them both outside of the bar and into the night air.