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 #38581  by Zhao Cong
He gulped, looking at what he'd done the blood running down his sword and for once no blood going down his chin. He couldn't do it, flashes of the past coming back to him as he was in a near panic. This was his job...his duty...his...Ziang had ordered this in order to clear the area and yet all he could see was his family's faces in every one of the victims. His chest felt like stones adding up in his chest and suffocating him as he stumbled back only for an arm to catch him before he faltered.
"I...I can't help it Ling, their faces....their faces are...baba and mama...jie jie..." He listed off his family members one by one.

The vampire didn't know why the other man were here, he didn't care though as he tried to catch his breath.
"I-I know this was orders but...but..." He gulped again.
 #38582  by Yi Ling Mao
Silent and like a stone he caught him, Gently gripping the mans shoulder he stayed silent ignoring the scene. He'd heard about the orders when he'd come back to see their master and quickly rushed to the scene knowing that his friend would not be able to handle this, not with this location. He sighed inwardly cursing their master for giving Zhao this order, for not sending someone else to do this knowing the vampire still felt for his old clansmen.
"You need to focus on your breathing...and come back to reality." Easier said than done, he already knew this...but he at least had to try. "Look at me and breath." He turned the vampire around. "Breath."
 #38583  by Zhao Cong
The rocks were now on fire, anger rising at the idea that breathing would do anything to calm him down after hed had to...had to do that. Closing his eyes he felt a hand firmly take his chin.
"It's not that easy Li Ying!" He nearly screamed, his eyes now open looking directly into the others. "You don't know how-"
 #38584  by Yi Ling Mao
"How it feels?" He said finishing the words in the form of a question. Last time he'd checked he hadn't asked to be a vampire unlike Zhao who had been foolish enough to accept the bite unlike him. If anyone understood what was going on it was him, though not angry a part of him wished he'd died along side the rest of their clan and fellow noble members. Saying that though wasn't going to help Zhao, if anything that would just upset the vampire a little further than he was already upset.
"Breath." He said again skipping the lecture that Zhao would get later. "I know it's not easy, but if you don't do it you'll lose control and we all know what all that will do." He said knowing that Zhao had a real nasty streak when he was hurting and upset.
 #38585  by Zhao Cong
He nodded the tears he hadn't known he'd shed drying on his cheeks,
"O-ok." He went to move away only to feel the hand on his shoulder tighten and the hand on his chin keeping him in place. Yi Ling wasn't going to let him move until he was sure the noble city of Ziang was safe for his own sake. Both vampires knew what attacking the vampire capital would do.
"I-I get it, attacking the main city would do nothing....why would I even do it? I know that's what your thinking...I wouldn't be that stupid." He was almost defensive.
 #38586  by Yi Ling Mao
He wasn't about to let go, fearing if he did he'd lose control of Zhao. Not looking away from the others dark orbs he thought about what to say that wouldn't offend him because while he was saying the words...the vampire in white robes knew damn well that didn't mean he would do the actions.
"We both know your mentioning such a thing because you've thought it too." He said simply. "And we both know how it would end." He added.
 #38587  by Zhao Cong
Finally taking that breath he closed his eyes, pulling away and walking away from the scene.
"It would end in my head ending up off my shoulders." He said simple, putting his sword back in his belt. "But we both know it would be nice to see him get whats owed to him too." He added, hearing the footsteps of the other moving to quickly follow.

"I'm fine, really..." He shooed him away. "When did you get back in town anyway?" He needed a change of subject and fast before he did take some kind of action that would be his undoing.
"City doing ok?" He wiped his face with his sleeve.
 #38588  by Yi Ling Mao
He nodded, blinking as the man passed him. His hair flowing as he turned his neck to see the man leaving his feet quickly went to follow him cursing the man's ability to move as fast as he did.
"No, your not." He said, not wanting to think about the end result of angering their lord and master...yet at the same time knowing that Zhao would bury this like the rest of the things he wasn't willing to face.

"Cities fine," He said simply. "Construction is going as planned, I came back just to find out you got these orders." He explained.

"So, I assume this will be buried as well." He said as a statement, not a question as they walked the wind blowing their hair back every now and then the two men walking in the direction of the first city Jiang had made.
 #38589  by Zhao Cong
He stayed silent, knowing that the other vampire wasn't wrong. He wasn't ok, but he wasn't' allowed to feel these human emotions anymore was he? No, it was better to suck it up and swallow this like everything else. Like his first kill, his first town of people all those years ago. All of it buried under a blanket of protection to be locked away with his humanity.
"That's good." He said about the city that was currently being built.

"Dont you think that's the right thing to do? It's not like we really have a right to get butterflies over inhuman actions, not after all we've done under Jiangs orders." He admitted. "Nevermind the fact were more than 200 years past our natural death date." He added.
 #38590  by Yi Ling Mao
"Mmm." He said simply, he could really care less about the cities progress but he had to report something to their lord and master. It wasn't like they were to live there, Jiang making it clear that the new town was going to be of lower value and made for the lower level vampires in the organization.
"Indeed." He added.

"I dare think our natural date matters not," He said simply. "If we can manage to keep a bit of humanity I think..." He paused his words looking over at Zhao,
"We can keep at least something that jiang cannot take." He finished.
 #38591  by Zhao Cong
He shook his head,
"That's playing with fire." He said, sighing. "We keep our humanity and we cant follow orders, we end up like me...someone who cant handle a simple job because of a simple location. We open ourselves to constant regret and hurt." He said humbly. "Seta said I should leave, yet I couldn't explain why I couldn't. I knew he wouldn't understand the part I play out of honor and vampire Chinese nobility." He sighed.
 #38593  by Yi Ling Mao
"But, accepting a lack of humanity lets him win does it not?" He said his tone sober the grass crunching under his old style shoe wear. "I'm not saying keeping would be easy, but to let him win seems just as bad as a choice." He finished.

He stopped walking,
"The vampire you met in the middle east? During the Gem hunt I assume." He started walking. "A vampire nomad?" He enquired.
 #38596  by Zhao Cong
Being so far away, made his dead heart calm a bit. Finally he was able to stop and look Ling in the eye in a manner that wasn't equal to a panicking child.
"Either way we go, were not in for an easy road are we?" He mused.

He nodded,
"I think there called drifters though, not nomads." He said simply. "He was in a local vampire hang out...and you know me and human kind...They tend to take one look at me and head in the other direction so..." He stopped realizing he was over explaining. "I went to a vampire hang out instead." He said finishing it quickly. "I envied and still envy the freedom of his life...you know me and you have been noblemen and generals...always a clan emperor to answer to or...a sired master. He lives free and happy, such a life isn't impossible for us....is it?"
 #38597  by Yi Ling Mao
He shook his head, knowing that this was Zhao's way of burying his problems but glad to see the rage and saddness out of his face all the same.
"It would seem not." He stated, a gentleness to his tone.

As the usual Zhao came back into focus and his rambling started he took in the simpleness of his friend, one arm behind his back in his usual fashion as they walked and he listened to the talk of freedom. No rules...no connections just wondering the world and seeing new sights, he imagined Zhao also yearned to meet new people from all over but he wasn't saying it. He merely shook his head when it became a question of possibility.
"Not all men are gifted with the ability to roam the earth freely. Duty and honor keeping them where they are." He said simply. "Enjoy his tales but keep your heart steady on your duties."
 #38753  by Zhao Cong
Duty, something he'd only gotten used to in the few years he'd been with Jiang. Honor and duty, he was starting to feel that duty and honor were not a thing here...but with Jiang so powerful...there wasn't much that he could really do was there? He sighed, dreaming of a life with no honor and duty as they walked towards their little bubble of preserved history and away from the carnage. He would not argue with Yi here, it was pointless as Yi had accepted the terms of Jiangs leadership.
"Yeah," He smiled, letting the man win. "I guess I must." He said the two silent from there on out.