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Prepare for WAR!

The Summer of Battle is upon us! For each month of our Summer 2021 season, we will enter a new phase of battle in several of our main eras. This will coincide with our second ever celebration of the Battle of Hogwarts, but we've brought the battle to several of our prominent eras to really keep things exciting!

Phase two of the battle begins on July 1, 2021. Come back to this section for more prompts then!

Founders Era: An Invasion is Coming!

Word has gotten to Hogwarts that an invasion is on the way, and little is known about the attackers. The castle must be fortified so that any attacks can be warded off. For your stories, you should:

  • Build defenses around the castle
  • Send out spies to learn more about the attack
  • Teach and learn defensive spells
  • Perform actions to ready the school for an attack
Expedition Era: Creatures on the Loose!

Magic is stirring all around the world, and creatures have been let loose on every continent that threaten magical wellbeing. Only one has been spotted so far in the outback of Australia, but rumors are swirling that dark wizards will be summoning even more and the Expedition Society will be called to action. For your stories, you should:

  • Research what magical creatures can be found on each continent
  • Begin to make travel plans to go abroad
  • Attend a course on magical creatures with the Expedition Society
  • Perform actions to prepare for a creature attack
Golden Era: You-Know-Who's Final Reckoning!

You know how the story goes, Harry has been building toward a final battle with Lord Voldemort for seven years, and now it's time for the Battle of Hogwarts! For your stories, you should:

  • Build defenses around the castle
  • Prepare to attack Hogwarts with the Death Eaters
  • Assemble forces for the attack
  • Perform actions to ready the school for battle