A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #38822  by Georgia Taylor
Location: Coney Island • Date: Late June
Time of Day: Hot • Weather: Sunny

Georgia had managed to sneak through barriers better than she ever had before. The difference between now and then was that this time, she wasn't carrying any illegal booze with her. Instead, she was sneaking into Luna Park to see the new roller coaster. Things like this were always at the front of her mind; she loved speed and action, and roller coasters were both of those things, rolled into one.

She found herself in a line, accidentally, and made no effort to step away. She instead, stayed fixated on the wooden masterpiece, watching it's trains zoom around and listening to cheers or excited people.

At some point, it occurred to her that she was at the front of the line. When the attendant asked her who she was with, she shook her head, "Just by myself," she replied, and the guided her to a car where a single blonde lady sat, looking entirely overdressed for where she was and the weather.

"Excited, you?" she greeted, offering the fancy lady a smile.
 #38823  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
New York was an exciting place. It was different from London in almost every way that it was the same, and there were a lot of both ways. Madeline had expressed her wishes to do a little shopping, but her father and brother insisted that she tag along. This was, after all, a family holiday.

They all but forced her into the line for the rollercoaster, and when it came time for the thing to go, she was seated by herself so that her brother and father could cheer together. She supposed it was only proper for a lady to be seated with a lady, but when that lady was sat next to her, Madeline almost shuddered. The brunette looked dirty. Perhaps she was dressed in her finest clothing, but it was horrid compared to Madeline’s own custom tailored dresses.

The lady asked her if she was excited, and really the answer was no, but she didn’t want to disappoint her father. She took a breath. Maybe talking to strangers would turn out good this time like when she’d met the handsome Eddie.

“Of course!” she lied. “I do hope it’s not too fast.”
 #38824  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia raised her eyebrows at the blonde. She sounded as though she was telling a huge lie when she replied, but that wasn’t any of her business. “Well, you’re in for a treat if you like these things. I heard this one can get up to sixty miles per hour!” she said excitedly.

The attendant came down the row of cars, pulling the lap bar down over the two ladies’ laps. Georgia was ready. She could not wait for the speed.
 #38825  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Madeline grew more and more anxious as her seatmate spoke. It was enough to send her heart into oa racing mode that might compete with the speed of the coaster. “Sixty?” she questioned. She wondered how fast the trains went at home where Eddie worked.

A little announcement was made and the train of cars was pulled up the first hill, and Madeline gripped the lap bar. Her stomach was fluttering around, and the girl next to her wouldn’t stop talking.
 #38826  by Georgia Taylor
“I’ve been watching it all day. Not sure I’ve ever been this excited for somethin’ before. I mean, I do like car racing too. Have you been to a car race before?” Georgia questioned, her excitement extremely obvious as they neared the top of the hill. She was practically bouncing in the seat.
 #38827  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Madeline shook her head, swallowing hard. “No, I haven’t been to a car race,” she replied as the train crested the top of the hill. There wasn’t even enough space for the whole train to get to the top before the front was starting to tip with the track over the drop.

She felt her breath leave her as their car started the descent. There was a brief second of silence before the whole car started rumbling down, and a very unladylike scream escaped Madeline’s throat. She gripped the bar in her lap over harder, afraid to let go. This was nothing at all like a normal train. She needed safety, and she reached and gripped the brunette next to her’s arm.
 #38828  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia was having the time of her life. As that car crested, she saw others in front of her lift their hands into the air and she couldn;t help but do the same, feeling almost weightless for a moment. It was like she was flying, and her smile was as wide as it could get.

The train rode the tracks and Georgia kept her hands up nearly the whole time, dropping them only when the car was at a dip. It was at one of those dips that she felt her neighbor reach and grip her arm. Glancing over, she smiled and held tightly, her one free hand going back into the air.
 #38829  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
It was clear that roller coasters were not for everyone. They were clearly not for Madeline. She was grateful that the lady next to her didn’t shove her off and instead held tightly. It made her feel a little safer, especially with the sharm turns that were whipping her hair out of place. She somehow had time to wonder if Eddie had ever been on a roller coaster, and made a mental note to ask him via letter when she got back to her accommodation.

She was overjoyed when the train started to slow, hitting brakes hard and sending her lurching forward in a rather unattractive way. There was a bit of shell shock, and she hadn’t taken her arm from her seat mate’s just yet.
 #38830  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia was disappointed when the ride came to an end. She clapped and the smile refused to leave her face, even as the train actually stopped. There was a moment of stillness and then the attendant came around and unsecured the lap bar, effectively freeing the riders from the ride.

When the bar went up, she politely slid her arm away from the blonde’s and smiled. “Wasn’t so bad, huh?” she said, nodding as they exited the mini station.
 #38831  by Madeline Grace Montgomery
Really, it was that bad for Madeline. She was not used to so much excitement. The rush had brought a blush to her cheeks. For some reason, she wanted to stay around this girl. Perhaps it was the entire experience being shared like that, but she had never taken so little time to be on a touching basis with another person. “I can’t say that it was my favorite thing that I have done,” she replied. “I am definitely more of a railway person.”
 #38832  by Georgia Taylor
A train didn’t seem too exciting to Georgia, but then again, maybe that was the point. The blonde lady looked fancy, like high society fancy. It was odd that she was on a roller coaster to begin with, but that was just Georgia’s opinion. “Oh, I getcha. I’m more of a car gal myself,” she added, being careful not to say that she could drive or that she owned a car even.

“Hey, what’s your name?” she asked as they exited onto the street. “Could be strange, but we could write.” That was a weird suggestion, coming from her. Maybe she just needed a friend.
 #38834  by Georgia Taylor
Georgia really wasn’t sure why Madeline had added Of Cambridge to the end of her name, like she was some kind of duchess or something. Maybe that was a thing in Cambridge.

“Georgie- Georgia Taylor. Of New York,” she said, smiling. “I’ll look you up sometime.”

And with that, the two girls parted ways.