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 #39302  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten distractedly kicked at a pebble while the guy talked some more. He was a really talkative man, it seemed. The broom mechanic found he did not have so much to say himself. He never did. Karsten wasn't altogether extroverted, and he didn't understand the people who were. Even Vita was better at people than he was, but maybe it was because she tried. Or, well, he wasn't quite sure about that one. But she'd had a wife, and he hadn't had anything other than casual encounters in bars and clubs. It suited him, though, he knew, but it made for awkward situations when he stumbled upon men like this foreigner. Or, well, this was actually a first.

Of course he'd wear a seat belt. He didn't know this guy from Adam, why would he trust his driving? In any case, he would have worn a seat belt. It was just the done thing. His own risky behaviours only ever endangered him. He wasn't willing to put other people in danger, but then again, he was generally not willing to be around other people.

'You've been on the Autobahn before, right?' In his experience, a lot of tourists got stressed when put on a highway with no speed limit. Others went kind of crazy, and caused accidents. He didn't know which category this man fell in, but he knew he always had the option of disapparating if the guy went overboard.
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He nodded tossing the black cloth back in the bag, having preferred black to hide the oil stains. He’d been on the road with his brothers on the way to one of their destinations when he met that road... and he’d had a little fun much to his brothers dismay. He remembered a ‘your gonna kill us’ being said in some part of their trip on that road. He hadn’t killed anyone as was his talent with speeding in general.
“Yup, gotta day I approve of it. America needs one.” He gave a slight chuckle putting the bag in the trunk.

“Well, hop in.” He said as he grabbed his jacket, now that the threat of oil on his leather wasn’t an issue.
“Already checked out the rest of the hood, we’re good.” And the brakes had been good since he’d gotten it, he saw no issue with the car once so ever. Now that he’d fixed the belt.
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Karsten nodded, and opened the door of the car. He checked out the other man some more. What was he even doing, exactly? What did he expect from this situation? He knew for certain that he wouldn't have offered this guy so much help if he hadn't been attractive. He knew also that he wouldn't be agreeing to climb into his car if he hadn't spend the past half hour discretely looking him over. He never met anyone outside of his regular hangouts. What was he doing?

Still, he sat in the front seat, buckled up, and closed the door. 'Are we going anywhere?'
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He really didn't know what he was doing...inviting some man into a rented car...but here he was...and this was what he was doing so he was just going to flow with it. As he stepped into the drivers seat he strapped on his seatbelt, watching the man as he did the same. With one last shutting of the drivers side door he turned on the car which was now...a lot smoother sounding. And as he put the car into drive he thought about what he was going to say to the company when he complained.
"You tell me somewhere, Show me an interesting place in your village." He suggested.

His brothers had the magic...he had this guy and he was not complaining.
"I mean were in a car...and we've both been looking so I figured maybe we could spend some time together not covered in oil." Or maybe that wasn't a bad thing either.
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Karsten felt his cheeks redden when the guy said he'd noticed him looking. Just great. He wasn't used to needing subtlety. It kind of went against the purpose of what he was trying to do in bars and clubs. Clearly he wasn't very good at it. He moistened his lips with his tongue, giving himself some time to think.

Did this guy want him? It seemed like that was what he was saying. The last time he'd had such direct words pointed at him was in a very different context, and something about this unusual situation made him nervous. The guy wanted him, right? That's what he was saying, right?

After a long moment, the broom mechanic finally spoke. 'Erm, there's a spot... If you want to go on the Autobahn, there's the Wardersee. It's a lake, nice view. You need to take the 206, which runs north of here, and then merge on the 432. Should be a few minutes' drive.' And then what?
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Where he lived, a nice view was hard to find so his only response was to put the car into motion quite happy with the idea.
“I think I’m falling in love with your autobahn, so sounds like a plan.” He said as he started on his way towards said road.

He didn’t know how it would go, but spending time with someone the opposite of his brothers was a gift in itself... never mind the fact his company seemed polite, nice and obviously took care of himself.