A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33758  by Quinn Torres
Location: Bennett-Torres House • Date: December 21

Quinn bent down to the twins. "Now, remember what I told you?" she asked. Abby and Gabby both nodded, then giggled.

"Take the blue seals hairbrush out of the bathroom and hide it!" Abby piped up. Quinn smirked.

"Exactly. Good girls. Now... go! Go!" she urged them, pushing them away from her. Tia jumped up onto the bookshelf beside her and she reached out, scratching her cat behind the ears. She was home for Christmas, and despite the season she had not stopped with her tormenting of her dad's husband's daughter. She wouldn't ever stop. She had just orchestrated her latest prank, and now was on her way to the garden to get some fresh air.
 #33760  by Zara Bennett
Zara snapped her laptop closed, having made plans with her friend to go shopping for the afternoon. She had needed any sort of excuse to get out of the house that she felt extremely outnumbered in. At least at school she could ignore her father's step-daughter easily, not to mention the gremlins couldn't even bug her there. However, during vacation, the most she could do was hide behind her door. Plus, she needed to get her father another gift.

As she made her way to the bathroom to make herself presentable, she came face to face with the shrimps. Her eyes were immediately drawn to her brush in one of their tiny hands. "Free ankle biters," she held out her arms to stop them. "I do believe that," she grabbed her brush, "is mine. Please tell your leader to not involve my stuff in her plots." A thought came to her brain then and she stuffed her brush into her purse. "Actually, take me to your leader. I don't want you hobbits repeating certain words."
 #33762  by Quinn Torres
Quinn was just about to step outside when she heard Gabby saying her name. She let out a sigh and turned, expecting to see the twins. Instead, she saw the twins and the fourth girl living in the house.

"Sowwy Quinn," Gabby chirped before the twins darted off, leaving the two older girls alone in the back porch. Quinn took a moment to collect herself, pasting a fake smile on her face.

"Is there a problem?" she asked, tilting her head innocently.
 #34447  by Zara Bennett
Zara waited until the bean sprouts were far enough out of ear shot before turning back around to face Quinn. "Do you want to explain to me why the knee-highs were trying to peace out of the bathroom with my brush?" She placed her hands on her hips, raising an eyebrow. "And don't try to tell me you are clueless about that, I know they follow your every command."
 #34451  by Quinn Torres
Quinn immediately shook her head, fixing a shocked expression on her face. "Oh my, are you seriously accusing me of involving my baby sisters in our silly feud? This had nothing to do with me, I swear." It was all said in an exaggerated sarcastic tone, and she openly rolled her eyes as she spoke.

"At least you got your brush, though," she added, shrugging and brushing her own hair back behind her ears. "So no harm done, right?" Her own eyebrow raised in challenge.
 #34461  by Zara Bennett
Zara scoffed. "So the pipsqueaks just happened to decide that my hairbrush specifically was a toy?" She scrunched her nose thinking about her other belongings in the bathroom - she was buying a new toothbrush today. She rolled her eyes as the other girl spoke.

"I suppose you're right. Only someone completely immature would bring sweet, young children into such a feud. A one-sided feud too, it would seem." She smirked, crossing her arms over her chest. "Even more immature, I'd say." With that, she waited for the other to respond.
 #34468  by Quinn Torres
Now it was Quinn's turn to scoff. "I'd say it was smart to use whatever resources were available to them," she said, tilting her head to the side. "Whoever it was, they have my utmost respect. Although I would have gone for the toothbrush, had them brush their teeth with it. Or maybe I would have got them them clean your makeup brushes in the toilet." Now she had ideas for future endeavors.

"Honestly, I can't believe you would get upset over the twins playing make believe." She mirrored Zara's stance. "How immature."
 #34821  by Zara Bennett
Note to self: Get new make-up brushes too. And keep all of it in the bedroom. And convince Daddy to install a lock.

Zara rolled her eyes, brushing some hair off her cheek. "I'm fine with them expanding their imaginations. But tell them my stuff is off limits, those make-up brushes are limited edition." Why did she just say that? "You know what though? I don't have time for stupid immaturity right now. Or ever. I have better things to do."
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Quinn smirked. "Go ahead and try to tell them yourself," she replied, shrugging a shoulder in what she hoped looked like a half-hearted response.

"Yeah, go walk away. Do what you need to do. I was on my way to do something, anyway," she added, rolling her eyes and walking forward, brushing past the other girl and purposely bumping into her shoulder.
 #35073  by Zara Bennett
Zara rolled her eyes as the other girl brushed past her, turning to watch her walk away. Then a smirk graced her face. "It was nice talking to you, sis." She to hold back a gag as she spoke. But it would be worth it in the long run, she figured.