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 #34216  by Timmy Cochrane
Location: A cottage in the forest • Date: January 8

Timmy sat down, putting his hands over his face. He hadn't gone into the other room, not yet. It was crazy to think that just the other day, he had been arguing with Holden about where they should travel next, and now...

He let out a loud groan. Rory had run off with that new werewolf pal of his weeks ago, and Lianne hadn't been seen since Maria had found Holden's body. His body. Timmy cringed, lifting his head as he heard the door to the other room open.
 #34217  by Clara Selkirk
Clara stepped through the door silently, carefully closing it behind her. Her face was drawn and her hands twisted in front of her once she no longer had the door to hold. Slowly, she walked across the floor, her footsteps echoing until she reached Timmy.

"Maria wanted a moment," she whispered, crouching down beside him. "Did you want to..." she trailed off, as she was pretty sure she knew the answer.
 #34219  by Timmy Cochrane
"No." It was said bluntly, as he tried to hide his emotions.

Timmy lifted his head, glancing over at her. "You okay?" He knew she had admired Holden, as much as he hated it.
 #34220  by Clara Selkirk
Clara shook her head, curls bouncing. "I don't think I'll ever be okay," she admitted, still wringing her hands together. "I just... never thought that would happen. He's been a part of our lives, and now..." she trailed off, now wrapping her arms around herself.
 #34221  by Timmy Cochrane
It was pure instinct. Timmy reached over, slipping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to him. "I know," he breathed, staring at the floor. "We always argued but... he was an incredible man." It was the first time he had ever acknowledged that out loud. "I hated him, but I respected him at the same time." His voice cracked and he drew in a shaky breath.
 #34225  by Clara Selkirk
The weight of his arm on her shoulders was strangely comforting. Clara breathed in deeply, nodding slowly. "I get it," she murmured, leaning her head on his shoulder. "It's okay. He's... he was..." she started before her own voice started to crack and her lower lip quivered.

After a moment, she felt she had her emotions in check again. "What's going to happen to us?" she asked, hating the way her voice wobbled.
 #34228  by Timmy Cochrane
Timmy let his head rest against hers. It was strange to be this close. There had been a point when he had feared he had lost her. Clara had been his rock ever since he had been welcomed into Holden's little group of misfits, and then Rory had arrived. Rory, with his little act, Rory, who ran at every chance he could get. And Clara had always run after him. But not this time. Rory had run, and Clara had stayed. And now they were going through the unimaginable. Together.

"Honestly? I don't know," he replied, brushing his thumb against her shoulder. She was still wearing the same clothes she had been yesterday. He was, too, of course. "I don't think Lianne will come back. She was... well..." he trailed off, swallowing. Clara hadn't been in the room when Lianne had taken off through the door, screaming. "Maria will go look for her. And I... I think I want to go see my family." He bit his lip, glancing down at her.
 #34230  by Clara Selkirk
Clara paused, lifting her head and looking at him. "You haven't ever mentioned them. Your family, I mean." She bit her lower lip, her eyes searching his. "What are they like?"
 #34231  by Timmy Cochrane
He lifted his head as she did, his arm dropping off her shoulders. He hadn't really thought about his family since being turned, but he also knew how important family was to Clara, who had embraced the pack as her new family. "My dad wasn't ever really around. Too busy at the business. Mom was around more often, but really... it was my friends that were my family." He let out a sigh. "What about you?" he asked suddenly, glancing over at her.
 #34232  by Clara Selkirk
Clara was nodding along. She understood what he was saying, and sympathized with him. But then the question was turned on her and she froze.

"Dad's a mechanic," she said after a moment, wrapping her arms around herself again. "He always came home with grease smears and he wouldn't let me hug him until he got cleaned up." She smiled at the memory. "Mom always cooked the best meals. I started cooking because of her."
 #34233  by Timmy Cochrane
As Timmy listened, he let out a sigh. Clara definitely seemed like she had had a better home life than he had. "We ate a lot of takeout," he admitted, shrugging. "Thai, mostly."
 #34235  by Clara Selkirk
Clara's eyes lit up. "I love Thai food!" she exclaimed, sitting up straight in excitement before she remembered what had happened. She slumped over again.

"I can't believe I never knew that about you, and you're going to leave." It was said almost bitterly.
 #34236  by Timmy Cochrane
He flinched. "Clara..." Timmy breathed, shaking his head. "I didn't say that." His arm crept back up to her shoulder, holding her close. "If I go see them, it'll be temporary. You could even..." he trailed off, unsure.