A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #34239  by Clara Selkirk
Well, that was definitely not what she had expected. Clara swallowed, looking over at him. "You're serious?" she asked, through the lump in her throat. "I... yeah, that'd be... great." She couldn't stop the heat rising on her cheeks.

But first... "You should go in there," she murmured, nodding towards the door on the opposite end of the room.
 #34240  by Timmy Cochrane
He had been so worried that she would turn him down that at first Timmy wasn't sure what she had said. Slowly, a smile spread across his face as he squeezed her shoulders. "Great!" he exclaimed.

Then the whammy came, and he bit his lip. "I guess you're right. Go say g-goodbye to the old man," he said, rising to his feet and starting to walk towards the dreaded door.
 #34241  by Clara Selkirk
Clara didn't miss the waver in his voice, and rose to her feet to follow after him. "Do you need me in there?" she asked, reaching for and taking his hand.
 #34242  by Timmy Cochrane
Timmy felt her hand on his and paused, glancing back at her. He took a moment to think about it. "No," he finally answered. "I have to do this myself." He gave her a tight-lipped smile, then pulled his hand away and opened the door, stepping through.
 #34243  by Clara Selkirk
Clara nodded, backing away from the door and waiting, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet. When the door opened again, she took a step forward, an unspoken question in her expression.
 #34244  by Timmy Cochrane
After paying his respects and avoiding Maria's gaze, Timmy left the room, only to be met with Clara's questioning gaze. He gave a terse nod, then started to walk towards the door. "I'm going for a walk," he said, turning his head so she wouldn't see the glassiness of his eyes.
 #34245  by Clara Selkirk
Clara nodded in return, but when he turned to leave, she took another step towards him. "I'll come with you." This time it wasn't a question.
 #34246  by Timmy Cochrane
When he heard her small voice behind him, Timmy glanced back. After a small pause, he nodded and extended his hand for her to take before stepping out the door and breathing in the fresh air. He knew he would do better with her in his life, so he was glad she wanted to be with him too. Together, they could figure things out, he was sure of it.