A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Location: Wexler-Larsen flat • Date: December 25th, 2023
Time of Day: Early afternoon • Weather: Is it snow or is it rain?

During the holidays, time seemed to stretch indefinetely, as though it were every bit as lazy as Aksel was once Christmas reared its head. After breakfast, the Dane had gone back to bed, tempting Beckham into a bit of Christmas fun before a little nap. He'd awoken to his husband kissing his shoulder, explaining that he was going to walk the dog.

Despite Aksel's protests that he needed the English man by his side for warmth, Perle had won this argument. The pitbull was restless, and needed to go out. It only took another minute for their bed to be cold, and the engineer didn't feel like being alone in it anymore, so he got up.

In the end there was nothing better to do than shower, so that's what Aksel did, disappointed to wash the smell of Beckham off of him.
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Arms encumbered by bags and boxes Aby used the tip of her foot to knock on the door. Barely seeing the door from behind the packages she was carrying, she did not know who had opened the door.

Oh, how easy it would have been if she could have used a levitation spell.

"Merry Christmas!" She exclaimed despite her host being in a blind spot. She stepped inside. "I thought we should have a bit of fun before tonight's torture," she explained.
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Once Aksel had finished his shower, he put on a clean pair of boxers and his blue and black checkered pyjama pants. He didn't have to get properly dressed for ages still, so why not lounge around the flat and be comfortable? The evening would be hard enough as it was, without needing to stress himself anymore. Maybe he'd play Call of Duty for a bit. The gym was closed today, so there was no unwinding with crossfit until it reopened.

The Dane was about to turn on his console when he heard a knock on the door. Had Beckham forgotten his keys? A grin on his face, readjusting his hair, he went to open the door for his husband.

Except that what greeted him when he opened the door of the flat wasn't his husband. It wasn't even a person. It was a stack of boxes. Aksel stared, bewildered, until the stack of boxes spoke in a muffled voice that was identical to his sister-in-law's.

'Aby!' He exclaimed. 'Glædelig jul!'

The towering monster advanced into the flat, and Aksel stepped aside. 'I can help you with... this?' He asked, pointing to the mess she was carrying, though they couldn't even see one another yet.
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"Oh good, the helpful one opened the door, not my useless brother," she narrated as she dumped most of the boxes into her brother in law's arms.

She shrugged off her coat, hung it on a nearby coat hanger and kicked off her boots. "Where is my brother?" She asked, surprised to realize he did not seem to be in the flat.
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Within seconds, Aksel found himself with his arms full of boxes. Walking backwards he reached the kitchen table, and set them on it, making sure they were arranged in an orderly manner. Having his arms free, the Dane suddenly realised his state of undress, and held up a finger towards his sister-in-law, rushing to his bedroom.

He came back pulling a white undershirt over his head. 'He go to walk Perle. The dog,' he explained, as his tattooed chest disappeared under the shirt. Rudimentary as this conversation was, it was still lightyears away from what his English skills would have allowed him only a few months ago. 'He don't say you come. Sorry for...' He gestured at himself.
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Not one to avert her eyes because of a modest display of skin, she barely registered her brother in law's prude shyness.

"Oh, angel, you don't have to apologize," she waved off his concern as she placed her bags next to the mountain of boxes.

"So how are you?" She approached Aksel and studied him carefully. With Beckham's recent realization Aby had expected him to finally tell the truth. Yet Aksel seemed to be doing fine.
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A slight tinge of red crept onto Aksel's cheeks as Abygail called him a sweet pet name. She was very kind to him, had always been, even when he needed Beckham to act as an interpreter between them. She'd been there at their wedding, too, in stark contrast to Beckham's parents, whom he was dreading seeing again tonight. They'd never been nice to him, had never looked pleased to see him, let alone meet him once he was introduced as Beckham's husband. Some things just went right through the language barrier. So at least there was Aby.

'I'm good, you? Do you have a merry Christmas yesterday? I get gifts from Beck!' The Dane was unable to hide the childishly enthusiastic grin that took over his face.
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Beckham had yet again postponed telling his husband about his magical abilities. Abygail wondered what kind of excuse her brother would offer this time.

"I had a nice time," she lied. Aby had spent the previous night drowning her loneliness at the hotel bar. Hardly a Christmas celebration unless you counted inviting a stranger in your bed as a joyful event.

She would not ruin Aksel's mood by sharing those details with him. "He gave you your gifts already?" It surprised her to hear her brother had broken the Wexler tradition of giving gifts on Christmas day.
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Aksel's cheerful mood made him oblivious to anything else. He was the poster child for Christmas excitement, and Beckham could have testified to it: the Dane had spent all day yesterday jumping around like a kid who'd eaten all the cookies from the tin. Minus the stomachache.

'Oh, happy!' He replied. He didn't yet master the vocabulary for that, but he could certainly convey an emotion. 'Yes!' The engineer's eyes twinkled. 'In Denmark, we give gifts on the 24. I can't wait for 25! Beck and me, we always do like so. Gifts to me on the 24, gifts to him today!'
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"And here I was thinking my only role in this family was to break traditions," she shrugged. "I suppose I can leave some of the fun to him."

Their parents would certainly disapprove which made Aby rather proud of her little brother.

"How about Christmas drink?" She offered as if she was in her own home. She made her way to the liquor cabinet. "Not that, had enough of that last night," she moved the bottle of scotch out of the way. "Hm vodka will do," she took the bottle and filled a glass. She tilted the bottle towards Aksel as a way to ask if he was joining her.
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Aksel grinned at Abygail. She went straight for the liquor cabinet, and started to fiddle around in it. 'You want to drink?' He offered, though by now it was too late: that much was already quite obvious.

'I love a drink,' the Dane replied. 'But Aquavit, like a real Dane.' He let out a chuckle, and pointed to a tall, clear bottle next to the vodka with a honey-coloured liquid in it. 'Please?'
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"Ice?" She asked as she dropped a cube inside her glass.

"Here you go," she gave Aksel his glass and then took a sip of hers. "Hm," nothing like something with a kick to get rid of a hangover.

She sat on the sofa. "What did Beckham give you?" She asked rather curious to find out.
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Aksel nodded, and grabbed his glass. 'Thank you. Skål.' He raised it up to toast her, and took a sip. Aquavit was really the best spirit anyone could get, and there was no reason to have any other type of alcohol. Unless it was to sample those very swanky cocktails Beckham liked to mix for fun sometimes. Those were a lot of fun, and the reason why they had those little paper umbrellas. Fancy.

Aksel's eyes lit up when asked to describe his gifts. 'I get a book on plants in England, and shoes for crossfit, and...' He was enthusiastically listing things, suddenly he realised he didn't have the words to describe his last gift. It took a further second for him to also realise he didn't actually want to tell Aby what that gift was, and he turned red, averting his eyes. 'It's okay.' He was a useless liar.
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"Oh, red cheeks and red ears, I think I can translate this one myself," amused by Aksel's shyness, she hid her smirk behind her glass. She did not know what the last gift had been nor did she want to know, but seeing Aksel offered quite the hint.

Playing with her earlobe she leaned against the sofa. "Are you ready for this evening?"
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Aksel peered up from behind his glass and gave his sister-in-law a shy grin. It shouldn't embarrass him that Abygail knew he had a sex life, they were adults after all, but here they were.

'You get presents?' He took a sip of his drink. 'I try to prepare for tonight, but I don't know. Your parents, I'm sorry, but they...' He looked around the flat, searching for his words. When none came to him, he shrugged. 'They make sad. They don't like me.' His grin was suddenly a tinge sadder, and he shrugged again, hoping to cast it off.