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"Not yet," she admitted with a feeble smile. She did not have Beckham's luck, she had not found a person to soothe her solitude.

"If it makes you feel better they don't like me either," she commiserated. They loved her, of course, the may even feel some pride towards her or at the very least they were proud of her success, but they did not like her.

"With how much time they spend criticizing me, I've come to accept that they did not appreciate my sparkling personality and charming wit," she smirked despite her sombre meaning. "They are the problem, not you," she extended her leg to nudge his thigh with her toes. "Beck has told you as much, right?"
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Aksel looked at Abygail compassionately. They seemed to be in the same boat as far as Beckham's parents were concerned, but he felt she had it worse. Sure, Abygail's parents didn't like him, even less love him, at all, but they weren't his parents. His parents loved him. His family was awesome. It sucked that this wasn't also the case for Beckham and his sister.

'I'm sorry,' he replied, looking down, unsure if the words were appropriate. He wasn't apologizing, after all. 'I think you are great.' Abygail for sure had his vote of confidence, if it meant anything to her. Her toes on his leg made him look back up with a grin, but it was short-lived. He didn't like the tension that came with a visit to his husband's folks, didn't like that the pressure seemed to bear on his shoulders, laid there by the weight of their telling glances. 'Beckham says they are difficult, and don't worry, but I don't tell to him what they say. I don't want to make sad.'
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It was foolishly kind of Aksel to shield Beckham from their parents' barbarism. "It would make him sadder to find out you are suffering on your own," she said knowingly.

Though she had never witnessed their parents' inappropriate comments beyond condescending remarks, Aby was not surprised to hear they had done worst. Surely Beckham suspected it as well. She wondered why her brother subjected his husband to their parents' torturous events.

"Let's stay here tonight," she suggested as she rested her feet on the small coffee table and leaned back against the sofa.
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Aksel shook his head with a sad smile. 'It breaks Christmas if I say. Then I make Beck sad, and I don't want that. Please don't say?' Abygail tended to do whatever she liked, as far as Aksel had been told, but surely she wouldn't make his husband sad on Christmas? Maybe Aksel just needed to get thicker skin. And long-sleeved shirts that weren't hoodies. They weren't comfortable, as being around the Wexlers wasn't comfortable, but shouldn't he be able to suffer them on the brief occasions he did see them, if it made Beckham happy?

Aby's offer was the most tempting thing he'd ever heard. Well, one of them. Not being subject to the Wexler's veiled comments, insinuations and outright staring when they thought he didn't notice -and even when they knew he did- would be an amazing Christmas present.

'It shines to be a good idea for me, but what with Beckham?' Aksel asked, worried. 'I don't want to break Christmas. Only if he wants to stay.' The young man shrugged. 'I want his Christmas happy.'
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Aby's assurance was comforting to Aksel. She made him believe that everything would be alright, and that cheered him up immensely.

'Skål,' he said, toasting her once more with his glass before taking another sip. 'Beck comes back soon. Before that,' he said, grabbing his controller and tossing her the second, 'It's Call of Duty time.'