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 #34458  by Quinn Torres
Location: Empty classroom • Date: January 4

It was nice to be back at Hogwarts. Back among friends, and classes, and further away from her father and the other man. This way, she could continue on with her mission to destroy Zara's life without fear of running into her dad.

Unfortunately, they were in different houses and years at Hogwarts, which made it more difficult to even find Zara, but it was a small price to pay. She had managed to find out, through the grapevine, that Zara was going to be practicing some charmwork in an empty classroom, so she had made it her mission to arrive early so she could figure out what she would do to mess with the other girl.
 #34464  by Zara Bennett
Something about being back at Hogwarts brought a skip to Zara's step. She no longer had to worry about pranks being pulled on her throughout the day, nor did she have to see her dad with the other man. She did miss spending time with her father though, something she didn't get to do too much of this past Christmas.

She wanted nothing more today than to wander the grounds with her friends and play more catch-up. Unfortunately, she had a charms quiz coming up - who even thought having a quiz so soon was okay was beyond her - and she had completely neglected to even look at school book covers over the break. So instead of enjoying the brisk air, she found a classroom that was going to be available for her to study in the rest of the day.

After bidding adieu to her friends - they all decided to still go outside - Zara made her way down the hallway to the room. She stopped at the door, however, when she saw her father's step-daughter in the room. "What are you doing here?"
 #34471  by Peeves the Poltergeist
As always, the holidays were a time where Peeves was mostly quiet. There were very few people left to disrupt, so he tended to rehearse amazing pranks to pull on everyone once they got back from wherever they were. And ho boy, 2024 was already starting strongly.

It had started with the suits of armour floating in the Great Hall. Peeves himself wasn't sure how he'd done it, but apparently throwing things high enough up at the enchanted ceiling made them lose their gravitational pull. And that fun special effect apparently didn't wear off if you pulled them back down. Suits of armour were now floating around the entire castle, and the poltergeist thought he could hear McGonagall screaming his name somewhere far away.

The suits of armour were going everywhere, and obligingly Peeves opened every door along the way for them. He was currently leading the way for one of them armed with a spiked club, and singing what he supposed was a motivational song for a suit of armour.

That song quickly changed when he caught sight of the two girls in front of an empty classroom. He directed the empty metal towards them, and was struck by inspiration.

'The twins, the twins, the siamese twins, conjoined at the hip, so lovingly loving, such sisterly sisters! The girlies and Peevesies makes three, all in a big family!'
 #34501  by Quinn Torres
Quinn was about to respond to the other girl when she heard the telltale signs of Peeves coming down the hall. She groaned, glancing over her shoulder, and confirmed it. There he was, the poltergeist of her nightmares.

And then he started to sing about her and Zara.

"Not bloody likely," she retorted, glancing over at Zara, then back at the poltergeist. "She's definitely not my sister. Just an annoying thorn in my side." She rolled her eyes.
 #34822  by Zara Bennett
Zara was waiting expectingly for a fake response from the other girl when she heard the chanting coming up the hall. "Please no," she muttered before looking towards the sound. Her head dropped as she saw the poltergeist and she let out a sigh.

"I have no sisters." She looked at a spot on the wall so as not to make eye contact with either of the two. "Nor do I have any appreciation for her. She's ruining my life."
 #35131  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Peeves frollicked about the classroom as the suit of armour blocked the doorway. Now everyone was a prisoner here! Except for him. He could do as he pleased. He always did!

Thrilling as the prospect of doing pirouettes mid-air was, the poltergeist had better things in mind. He grabbed the paperbasket and found himself a nice vantage point from right above the black board. And then, he started to pelt them with crumpled pieces of parchment.

'Say you're sisters! Say you're sisters!' Peeves shrieked.
 #35296  by Quinn Torres
When Quinn had thought about how great it was to be back at Hogwarts, she had forgotten to factor in Peeves. As the first few pieces of paper started to hit her, she instantly brought her arms up to cover her face.

"Bugger off, Peeves!" she shouted, trying to avoid the paper. "Never in a million years will I admit to having her as a sister!" Her eyes darted around the room trying to figure out a way to get away from the poltergeist. In the process, she was careful to completely ignore Zara. Secretly, she hoped Peeves was hitting the other girl more.
 #35346  by Zara Bennett
Of course this had to be happening today. Zara should have just gone outside with her friends and taken the F on her quiz. She was going to fail now anyway. She groaned as she was hit with a ball of paper for the first time. Immediately, she went to one of the desks toward the back of the room and crouched behind it.

"Again, not likely," she peeked out from her hiding spot, pulling her head back in before getting hit in the face. "I am and will forever be an only child."
 #35350  by Peeves the Poltergeist
The poltergeist's reply came in a childish sing-song voice. 'Then you'll have to stay here until you're ready to be siiiii-sters!'

Peeves didn't discriminate. He didn't have it in for any one person more than another. He distributed pranks and taunts to everyone equally. As such, the poltergeist continued to fire his paper bullets at the girls in turn, until there was no more paper.

The girls were offered a brief reprieve as the spirit floated to the blackboard to draw rude words on it.
 #35373  by Quinn Torres
"As if anyone would even want to be your sibling," Quinn shot at Zara, trying to tune out the poltergeist. When the papers stopped, she peeked out from between her arms. The Ravenclaw had hidden behind a desk. Weak. She glanced over, watching the poltergeist writing on the blackboard, then at the door where the suit of armor was still guarding. This was one of those moments when she was glad she was on the smaller side.

Drawing in a breath, she decided to make a run for it, hoping to slip past the armor and leave Zara stuck in the room with Peeves. Sucker, she thought, smirking as she ran, ducking as she approached the armor.
 #35531  by Zara Bennett
Zara breathed a sigh of relief as the papers stopped flying, peeking back up from behind the desk. She spotted the Gryffindor trying to escape and considered drawing the poltergeist's attention to that. At the same time, however, if Quinn left, she'd only have to deal with the poltergeist, and maybe he'd quickly get bored only torturing her. So she kept quiet, ensuring that there was a clean eraser by the blackboard that she could use when this was all over.
 #35547  by Peeves the Poltergeist
The reprieve was short-lived, however, as it only took a second more for Peeves to accompany the words on the board with a drawing that accounted more for artistic licences than correct anatomy. As such, he was quick to notice one of the twin sisters try to pull a fast one on him.

'Aha!' Peeves shrieked. In an instant he was at her side, grabbing her ear. 'Honk!'

He did a few pirouettes mid-air while he thought of his next order of business. There wasn't much else to do here for a poltergeist, so he arranged the suit of armour that blocked the door in a manner that would make breaking out arduous, gave out a short but loud and well-felt cackle, and vanished with a pop reminescent of the sound and smell of a particularly nasty fart.
 #35716  by Quinn Torres
Quinn screeched out when her ear was grabbed and instinctively pulled away. The distraction was enough, though, and when she finally returned to her senses, the poltergeist was gone and the suit of armour blocking the door was positioned differently.

"Crap," she said, glancing around the room. Her gaze fell on Zara. "This is just perfect. Exactly how I wanted to spend an afternoon." She shot the other girl a dirty look, as though it was her fault they were stuck in an empty classroom with obscene words and drawings on the chalkboard.
 #36124  by Zara Bennett
As much as Zara hated being locked in the classroom still, especially with the Gryffindor, she had to admit that she was relieved the poltergeist was gone. If she could find a way to keep Quinn quiet, she could actually get some studying done. If only... No, she wasn't going to get herself in trouble, not today.

She rolled her eyes as the other's comment, letting out a small scoff. "No one asked you to be in the classroom that I booked. You're the only one to blame for being stuck here." She stood up and leaned against the desk she had been hiding behind.
 #36131  by Quinn Torres
"You're so annoying," Quinn shot over her shoulder as she tried to figure out how to move the suit of armour. "I was just minding my own business. Who even books whole empty classrooms for themselves, anyway?"

She turned around then, her hands on her hips.