A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Location: Wexler family home • Date: December 31, 2023
Time of Day: 23.45 • Weather: Snowing

Aksel couldn't take his family-in-law anymore. Missing Christmas had had the unforeseen consequence of forcing him and his husband to spend New Year's Eve with Beckham's parents, and it had been a rough evening. He hadn't caught everything they'd said while Beck was in the restroom, but he did understand the tone behind unsuitable and disgusting tattoos and I don't understand how we could let him marry him. The only comfort came from his sweet husband, but Beckham seemed unaware of his parents' words, and Aksel wouldn't be the one to tell him. Abygail heard, he thought, but she hadn't said anything. Maybe she didn't feel it was her battle to fight. She seemed to have enough on her plate with her parents as it was without having to worry about her brother-in-law. They'd said some pretty filthy things to her, too.

He'd ended up rushing to the kitchen to grab his hoodie in an attempt to cover himself up, but it was not enough. Somehow it was never enough.

At the end of the evening, he was just tired. By eleven, he had decided to retire to Beck's room, and wait for his husband there. At least they'd ring in the New Year together. The engineer had stripped down to his flannel bathrobe, with only Beckham's gift underneath. He had taken out the champagne and glasses he'd stowed away in his overnight bag as a surprise to his husband, and set them on the desk.

Now, he was taking out the strawberries. 2024 would be a grand year, and make no mistake.
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Their parents' friends were as insurable as ever. They all had cookie-cutter opinions about the art world and they all seemed to think Abygail valued their critiques. Though she was willing to put on a dress and look nice for her parents, she was not one to bite her tongue before she spoke. She was in the middle of a heated debate when she saw her brother walk by.

"Where do you think you are going?" She grabbed her brother's arm as he attempted to dodge passed her and move towards the staircase. A few droplets of wine fell from her glass as he took a step forward despite her hand around his arm.

She gave him a questioning look. "I'm not suffering this on my own," she argued in a whisper as she saw him eye his bedroom door.
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Beckham had always been more comfortable around his parents than his sister. He was of a more agreeable nature, almost submissive. It had always been a point of contention between the two siblings.

Abygail wanted him to stand up to them. She had even gone as far as saying she would no longer stand up for Aksel when they were rude to him. That duty belonged to him, she had argued after a few glasses of wine. Not that it had been an issue, it seemed his parents had been nothing but their cold polite selves this evening.

At some point in the evening, Beckham had lost sight of his husband. Aksel had likely retreated to the bedroom he had thought, knowing that the introvert sometimes needed time to recharge. He was on his way to see if it was the case when his sister had grabbed his arm.

"Seems to me like you are doing well enough on your own," he had argued back. As much as Abygail whined about their parents' functions, Beckham knew that a part of her loved the fights and arguments they provided.

"I'll be back," he had promised before he had continued his way towards the staircase.

A glass of wine in his hand, Beckham snuck inside his childhood bedroom. "Oh wow, I think seeing you in that bed just made 10 of my teenage fantasies come true," he commented with a grin.
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Aksel was rummaging for the candles he had brought when Beckham entered the room. He beamed at his husband.

'There you are,' he said. 'I wish you would have come up earlier.' He walked towards his husband and blushed deeply at the man's words. He opened his robe and ran a hand on his tattooed, flat stomach. 'Oh? Which ones?' Aksel bit his lower lip, looking up into Beckham's eyes. He knew his cheeks were red, and he knew it was silly. But hey, at least he wasn't too shy to pull off sexy talk.

'Don't go back downstairs,' he demanded, grabbing Beck by the belt. 'Let's just you and me ring in the New Year.'
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Beckham looked at the door he had just closed. His sister would come knocking on it sooner rather than later. He locked it.

"We can stay here," he agreed with a small smile. Perhaps that was what Aby meant when she talked about standing up to their parents.

"In fact, there's a few things I have been meaning to tell you about this room. I don't think I ever gave you the full tour," he swallowed thickly as he realized what he was about to reveal. He had promised himself to be truthful in the coming year and he intended to keep his promise.
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Aksel grinned as Beckham locked the door. Perfect. He finally had his husband to himself. His hands crept up on the man's chest. He didn't care about the room that much. He just wanted to spend time with Beck. 'Can the room wait? Maybe fifteen minutes? We can drink champagne after, and then you can show me your room? Your family had you all evening,' he pleaded, the distance between them now null.

The Danish man grabbed a strawberry from the desk, and took a bite. 'All the champagne you like, and strawberries, too.'
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Beckham hesitated. He wanted these 15 minutes of peace more than anything, but he feared that the courage he had been building for the last few weeks would evaporate by the end of their brief romantic escapade.

He looked at his husband's hands on his chest. "Maybe one glass," he finally relented with a stiff smile. He toed off his shoes, took off his dinner jacket and sat on the bed.
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Aksel beamed at his husband, and walked to the desk, where he poured them a generous glass of champagne each. He took off his bathrobe before bringing the glasses back to the bed and handing one to Beck, biting his lower lip as he looked the man in the eye with a look that, much like his body, left little to the imagination in terms of his plans for the evening.

'What did you want to do first?'
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"I wanted to-hum-" she cleared his throat as he tried to avert his eyes but found them to be anchored into his husband's perfectly designed body. "The-hum-I wanted to," he struggled again. He shook his head. Champaign and strawberries were one thing, but doing the things he was imagining right now was another. With every tempting offer, he indulged Beckham felt as though he amplified the betrayal.

He finally managed to pry his eyes away. He stared at the wall before him. "There's something I need to tell you," he finally managed to utter.
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Aksel moved closer to Beckham and placed his free hand on his husband's shoulder. The other man's distraction amused him, and he traced abstract patterns on him, willing him to get a move on. 'Yeah, I want that too,' he grinned.

Beckham's distraction seemed to take him in the opposite direction, and suddenly the Dane found himself no longer the object of his husband's gaze. He gently ran his hand through the man's hair, and tilted his head. 'I'm the shy one usually,' he said. 'What do you want to tell me, Bamse?' The engineer's voice was soft, and vaguely disappointed though he was that it appeared Beckham was going to stay dressed for now, his concern for the other man trumped all else. And with any luck, he'd get lucky later, too.
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It was not the language barrier that caused his husband to misidentified his emotions, it was the fact that Aksel was about to be blindsided by a cruel betrayal. Beckham was not shy, he was anxious.

Realizing he had sweaty palms, he quickly wiped them on his trousers. "Well," he started the little tour he had rehearsed in his head. He pointed out a picture on his desk and told Aksel that it had been taken the day that Abygail had made him climb his first tree. Beckham had then pointed out a barely visible hole in the wall and had explained that the poster of a band had once hung there. That poster had done wonders for young Beckham's sexual awakening. The nervous man had smiled as he had shared his passed embarrassment.

"And there," he pointed the corner of his room but turned to face Aksel "is where I first displayed my magical abilities," he finally said with his eyes glued to Aksel. His tour had likely seemed sudden and improvised, but there had been a purpose to it. Beckham had promised himself to reveal his secret and had concocted a thousand different ways to do it. While not ideal this was the only one that had felt somewhat bearable. And hopefully forgivable.
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Aksel followed his husband around the room, looking bemusedly at both the things he was pointing and at Beckham. Things had taken an unexpected turn. Had the other man really interrupted what was surely going to be a highly sexy moment purely to show him the picture of him climbing a tree? He liked trees a lot, sure, as an agroforestry engineer, but on his list of priorities right now, they came very low when compared with the possibility of getting between the sheets.

'Was it the Backstreet Boys?' Aksel asked with a smile as he looked at the empty wall space. His sister had had one, and though he'd been very young, he'd been adamant that Nick was the best Backstreet Boy. With hindsight, of course, he knew he was wrong. A.J was where it was at.

Still, though, this was a weird conversation to be having at all. It sounded like Beckham was nervous, like he was stalling. He gently grabbed his husband's head, and kissed his jaw. What was wrong?

With the next few words out of Beck's mouth, Aksel let out a laugh. His husband's Danish was great, but that was just a funny think to say. Maybe it was slang for something else, but he couldn't tell what. 'Bamse,' he laughed. 'You said magical abilities.' Aksel cupped his husband's face with his hand, and beamed. Sometimes the man was so funny.
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"Yes," he confirmed. He put his hands above Aksel's and looked into his eyes. "I'm one of them, I am a wizard," he clenched his jaw as he waited for a reaction.

The Status of Secrecy had been lifted for a few years. Beckham had no excuse for his secrecy.
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Aksel smiled at his husband, still confused. Beckham was being so serious, but he was speaking absolute nonsense. The man he loved was tense, and it didn't seem to be getting better. He was all worked up, and the engineer didn't know what he could do about it.

'Bamse, my love, that makes no sense in Danish. What are you trying to say, exactly?' He freed his hands, and grabbed his bathrobe from the floor, sliding it on as easily as he'd taken it off. That most likely would have to wait for a while. He sat on the bed, and patted the space next to him. He was beginning to get worried, and this seemed like a serious conversation, one he might prefer to have sitting down.

'What's wrong? You're one of who?' Something seemed to be really wrong. A few scenarios ran around his head, but he chased them away. No, Beckham wasn't the type, he wouldn't do that to him. Aksel was sure Beckham hadn't cheated on him. But what else could possibly make him so nervous, what kind of confession was he going to receive?
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Staying on his feet, Beckham rubbed the back of his neck. He had rehearsed this conversation countless times, he had expected his husband to require time to process, but he had not expected such a lack of understanding.

He went to the chair where he had discarded his dinner jacket and he took his wand from it. He showed it to Aksel. "One of them," he reiterated before he pointed the wand towards one of the dusty books on the shelf. "Wingardium leviosa," he enunciated before the book started levitating.