A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #37084  by Aksel Larsen
The way Beckham was acting was setting Aksel on edge. He felt all his muscles tensing up, and forced himself to take a deep breath. It didn't help. He was about to tell his husband to reveal what was wrong, when Beck took out a wooden stick from his jacket. The Danish man didn't have time to have any other reaction than raise his eyebrows before the older man waved it about and started to make a book fly.

Aksel's jaw fell open. He couldn't see a string, but surely it was a trick. But Beckham looked dead serious.

'What- what are you doing?' He looked at the book, and then at his husband, in shock first, but then there was also fear.
 #37290  by Beckham Wexler
The book fell to the ground as Beck rushed to Aksel's side. "Don't be afraid, love," he took Aksel's hand. "I can perform magic," he shrugged as if it was a minor detail. "But I'm the same Beck you fell in love with."

Except it was not a minor detail. It was a huge part of who he was.
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Aksel instinctively squeezed his husband's hand as soon as Beck grasped it, but it was only a second before he pulled it away, and took a step back to put some distance between the two of them.

'I─ I─,' Aksel stammered, his mouth opening without him being able to make more coherent a noise. 'Ma-magic?' He tried to swallow, but it was almost impossible. 'Don't... don't touch me. You can do magic?' He took a few more steps back, and decided to go sit on Beckham's bed. 'Is─ is this new?'
 #37339  by Beckham Wexler
"No, it's-" he winced. The question alone made him realize the extent of his betrayal. His cavalier stance vanished.

"I was born like this," his shoulders slumped. "Aksel," he sighed. "I should have told you a long time ago." He scratched the back of his neck. "A long time ago," he echoed his own regret.
 #37411  by Aksel Larsen
'You─ you were born like this?' Aksel didn't seem to be able to do much more than parrot Beckham's words. He looked down at his hands, but neither his fingers nor his palms appeared to be giving him any hint whatsoever as to what he was supposed to say next.

'You could always do this? C─ can you do more?' The tone wasn't one of awe or excitement, but of apprehension, and something akin to fear. Aksel looked at the other man with no apparent expression. 'You could always do this?'
 #37442  by Beckham Wexler
How he'd wish to see Aksel angry, instead of this state of disappointment and defeat.

"I was born like this and yes I can do more." It was an oversimplification of the facts, but Beckham didn't think it was the time to tell Aksel about wizarding schools.

"Aby too, my whole family." He added.
 #37444  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel took in the blow like a punch to the gut, and continued to recoil further from the other man. 'Your sis─ your whole family?' He bit his thumb. Maybe if he bit down hard enough he would wake up. Because this was a nightmare, wasn't it?

'And you never told me?' Somehow voicing his question was what hurt the most. Because the answer was obvious. 'You─ you lied to me. The whole time I've known you.' This wasn't a question. He now knew it to be fact. His tone was soft, he had no fight in him. He never had, really. Aksel wasn't a man of confrontation. He was a happy guy, shy, but who got along with everyone who took the time to get to know him. Right now, though, he was an entirely deflated man.
 #37456  by Beckham Wexler
A lie by omission was a lie nonetheless.

"I have," he owned up to his aberration. "Please forgive me," he begged. He ran his hands through his hair and swallowed thickly. "I-I-I," he wasn't sure how to explain what he had done. "It was a mistake," he argued as if it alleviated the gravity of his actions.
 #37479  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel wasn't sure whether it was his head or his stomach that was hurting him more. Everything around him seemed so dull. The loudest noise was this incessant pounding in his head. All else seemed to fade in the background, including the other man's voice. He kept on biting his thumb, drawing blood. He didn't notice.

'You know,' he said in a lifeless voice. 'I really thought you were going to say you had cheated on me.' He got back to work on his thumb. 'I think... I think I would have liked it better if you had cheated on me. Because sex, I could understand. But this... All this time...' Aksel shrugged, powerless. 'You lied all along.'

Finally he lifted his gaze to meet the other man's. 'Was this... was any of us true? Or did you magic that?'
 #37615  by Beckham Wexler
His betrayal being framed as worst than adultery gave Beckham a better understanding of the extent of the damage he had caused. In a futile attempt to save himself from the walls that we closing n on him, he undid the first few buttons of his shirt.

"You can't magic what we have," Beckham spoke a little louder than he had expected. His frustration towards himself was starting to be aimed at the innocent. He took a deep breath. He looked at the man who's trust he had broken. "I have never used magic on you. And everything I told you I felt for you is real."
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Aksel winced and looked down at his spare hand once more as the other man raised his voice. How was he the one who's life was coming crashing down and the one who was getting talked to like this? He continued to bite his thumb, seeing the blood without really seeing it. Anything to wake himself up from what could only be a nightmare. Aksel so desperately wanted Bamse to shake him awake, and hold him in his arms and tell him everything was going to be alright, that it was only a bad dream, like Beckham had done when they'd first moved to England and the younger man had dreamed his entire family had died.

But the other man talking him down loudly was enough to tell him that this was all too real. Aksel tried to swallow, but it wasn't easy. When he managed to look back up at the other man, his eyes were welled up with tears.

'How can I believe that?' He shrugged. 'It was all a lie... I don't know you. I─ I feel sick.' He was feeling nauseous, and it was all he could do not to retch.
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Beckham noticed the blood starting to stream along his husband's thumb. "Stop the bitting," he urged nervously. So many things were out of his control, but that small thing felt within his reach. "Let me look," he grabbed a tissue and extended his hand towards Aksel.

"Let's get you home," he offered, wondering if he was still welcome there.
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Aksel stopped biting his thumb when his husband told him to, mechanically, by force of habit. It made his stomach churn that the other man was offering no defense, was not countering anything he was saying.

'Don't touch me,' the Danish man said softly. He kept his hand to himself, not wanting the man across him to touch it. Fine, he was bleeding, but giving his hand to Beckham felt like saying things were alright, and they most definetely were not. With his wrist he wiped away his eyes, but found them wet again immediately.

'I want to go home,' he said. Where was home, anyway? In London, with Beckham? 'Don't touch me,' he repeated, and then his voice broke. 'Everything, every single thing was a lie...'