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 #37856  by Aksel Larsen
Location: Larsen-Wexler home • Date: January 1, 2004
Time of Day: 2.00 • Weather: Night

The car ride home had lasted at least a thousand years, or so it seemed. It had gone on in the most somber, painful silence that Aksel had ever known. Beckham had tried to initiate a conversation, several times, worrying about the thumb the younger man was still insisting on biting, but the engineer stubbornly persisted in his mutism. He had nothing to say to his husband. Nothing that he could quite put words on right now.

This was a first for Aksel. He'd never fought with Beckham. Was this even a fight? The Danish man wasn't sure. He wasn't yelling, wasn't being antagonistic. All he was was devastated. In less than fifteen minutes, his whole world had crumbled. Everything he had believed to be true. His marriage, his relationship with Beckham... Was it really possible that the last five years of his life had been a lie? He couldn't think about this now.

They took the lift up to their floor, still in silence, and entered the flat, still in silence.

Finally, Aksel broke the silence. 'I'll sleep on the couch.'
 #37864  by Beckham Wexler
"I should sleep on the couch," Beckham argued though he wondered if letting Aksel sleep on the couch might be the decent thing to do. Sleeping in the marital bed might just bring upon reminders of Beckham's broken vows.

"Or I can go to Aby's for a few days," he offered.
 #37876  by Aksel Larsen
'No,' Aksel replied, not looking at his husband. Perle ran towards the pair, and started licking the Danish man's hands. Aksel crouched down, and hugged his dog for a long moment.

He walked towards the couch, and stripped down to his boxers, then lied down, covering himself with the throw blanket. Perle rushed to his side, and he hugged the pitbull once more.

'You do what you want,' came his muffled voice. That's what Beckham had done already, wasn't it?
 #37903  by Beckham Wexler
Was he to read a veiled preference behind his husband's words or was he to see it as indifference?

Beckham went to their bedroom. He sighed and sat on the bed. With his head in his hands, he attempted to make sense of the situation. His intent had been to come clean, not to wipe off his entire relationship.

He took a suitcase from the wardrobe and started putting a few essentials.

He was sure he had forgotten many things, but he took his suitcase and left the bedroom. "I will give you space," he told his husband.
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In the living room, Aksel petted his dog, who stayed at his side dutifully. He'd given up on wiping his eyes: they always seemed to come up wet. He didn't pay any attention to the man in their bedroom. What could Beckham possibly say that would bring him any comfort?

It was a struggle but eventually the young man managed to fall asleep, spooning his pitbull on the couch. The first lights of day awoke him, but it was a long time before he was able to gather himself together enough to get up. Aksel had a quick shower, and grabbed his clothes from the duffle bag he'd brought to his inlaws to avoid having to sneak into his and Beckham's room. Having done that and fed his dog and his rabbit, the engineer sat down on the couch he'd slept on, staring blankly at the wall. Now, what?
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She had been rather intoxicated when she had come home from her parents and yet it had not stopped her from noticing that a few things had been out of place. For one there had been an extra pair of shoes in the entrance, but it was the leather-bound suitcase that had given her brother away.

Shoes and cloak off, she had gone to the small living room where she had found him sitting on the sofa. A bottle had been on the table but no glass. His slumped shoulders, red-rimmed eyes, and disheveled hair had been enough to dissolve the snappy comment she had concocted. She had sat next to him and for once, she had done most of the listening.

There hadn't been much sleep. In fact, there had been none. So it is without sleep and after an additional half-a-dozen drinks that she had made her way to her brother and her brother-in-law's flat. She had waited for Beck to fall asleep of course, or else he would have stopped her.

She had knocked on the door and had then leaned heavily against the wall opposite it.
 #38014  by Aksel Larsen
When the knocks on the door had started, Aksel had ignored them. Maybe Beckham would answer. He didn't. The Dane continued to ignore them. Maybe whoever was on the other side would eventually leave. When they didn't, Aksel got up from the couch he'd slept on, and ran his hands over his face, then in his hair. His eyes felt dry, but every time he blinked he felt them filling up with water again. He had no idea where all this water was coming from. How could he still have tears left to cry when he felt so hollow?

All light extinguished from his expression, he opened the door. Instead of his face lighting up when he saw his sister-in-law, Aksel offered her nothing but a dead look. 'You're here for your brother? He's in the room,' Aksel said, unaware of his husband's absence. He didn't want to talk to her. For all he cared, the siblings could talk together and leave him alone. He just wanted to be left alone.
 #38024  by Abygail Wexler
Aby's head wobbled over her shoulders as she attempted to deal with the Aksel's blissful ignorance. "My pain in the arse of a brother is asleep on the floor in my studio," she corrected, making sure her words were clear. Had Beckham left without warning Aksel? What a jerk!

Without waiting for an invitation, she stepped inside. "I am here to get his glasses," she explained as if dealing with the most dignified mission. She patted the dog's head. "But I think we should have a drink first."
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Aksel stared at Abygail dumbly as she said Beckham wasn't there. He could find nothing to reply. The man had just left, without so much as saying goodbye? Without so much as warning him, without so much as leaving a note? The engineer swallowed hard. This felt like an additional kick in the gut. He didn't want to talk to Beckham right now, didn't want to see him, but to know that he had just left... How much did you truly know anyone, really? To Aksel Larsen, it seemed like you couldn't.

'You can get them,' he told her blankly. 'I don't want a drink.' He didn't want to talk to her, didn't want her to stay, but he had always been way too polite and too nice to speak in such a way. 'I don't have anything to say.'
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"That is not a problem," she made her way to the liquor cabinet, picked a bottle at random and filled her glass. Aim impeded by lack of sleep and alcohol she closed an eye in an attempt to gain better control of the stream of alcohol coming from the bottle. "Oops," a few drops dripped on the cabinet.

She sat on the closest sofa and looked at her brother in law. "You married a moron," she commiserated. She was not mocking him for having made a foolish decision, she was calling out her brother for his stupid decisions.
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Aksel made his way back to the couch he had been sat on, looking at the wall for hours. He didn't say anything to Abygail as she poured herself a drink. He didn't even care that she was probably making a mess. He couldn't bring hisemfl to care about her presence at all. He just wished she wasn't there. Ignoring her wasn't going to make her disappear, however, but it did take all his energy to interact with her. Energy he didn't feel like he would ever have again.

'He is not a moron,' Aksel protested softly. He loved Beckham so much it hurt. The betrayal had come to him like a giant, full-body slap. It hurt physically. He couldn't drink a single drop of alcohol; he didn't feel he could keep it down. 'He lies to me.' The Dane's shoulders hunched. He might be muscular, but he was not a tall man, and, sitting on the couch, he seemed to shrink away. 'And you lie too.'
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For a second she stopped fidgeting with her glass and looked at Aksel. She had not expected him to call her out so quickly. She felt ashamed of the part she had played in her brother's masquerade, but she also felt proud of Aksel for not letting her get away with it.

"I did," she admitted gently. She could admit it, but she did not know how to apologize for it. She had chosen her brother. She always would. Even when his decisions were destructive and moronic. She did not know how to apologize for that. "It was one lie. A continuous one. A hurtful and unequivocal one, but only one lie."
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Perle settled her head in Aksel's lap, but it wasn't enough for comfort. He gave a short whistle, and the pitbull clambered onto the couch, licked his hands, and settled herself on him. Aksel sighed. She was heavy, but she only knew love, and she was a comfort to have on his side at a time like this.

'He lies for five years. You lie for...' The Dane trailed off, not remembering exactly when he had been introduced to his sister-in-law. Who cared if it had only been one lie? It had been an elaborate ruse from the get-go, a long term one. Aksel was so hopelessly in love with Beckham. It had probably been funny to them to watch him fall, to manipulate him, maybe. Beckham had said his feelings were true, but how could Aksel believe a word of it, when he discovered the man he had known and loved for all these years was not who he had said he was? Why would Beckham's feelings be true, if all the rest was a lie?

He felt betrayed by Abygail too. He had always liked her; she was on his side when he was with the Wexlers. She was funny and nice. But she had lied too, and he didn't trust her either. Her trying to excuse herself by saying it was only one lie hurt all the more.

Perle sensed his distress, and licked his face. He hugged her. Apparently she and his bunny, Guli, were all he had.

'It's all a lie. One or hundred, it's the same. He says he loves me,' the engineer shrugged. 'But you don't lie to a person you love.' It was simple in his mind. Beckham didn't love him. Why else invent this elaborate scenario?
 #38388  by Abygail Wexler
"What if a lie could save a life?" She offered to poke a hole in what her devious mind considered to be a rather simplistic view.

She couldn't quite see the honorable side of her brother's lie, but she knew he had done it for reasons he considered to be valid and Beckham was many things, but he was not a bad person.
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Aksel kissed the top of his dog's head, feeling increasingly irritated that Abygail was siding with Beckham. He should have expected it: she was his sister, after all. His own siblings would probably side with him, too. His family always had his back. And now they weren't there, because he was here all alone in a foreign country, abandoned by the man he loved.

'Oh, so he lies to save my life?' Aksel replied, more aggressively than he was used to. 'I think I know him, but I don't.' He ran his hand over his face. 'He doesn't say that he leaves.' As sad and angry as Aksel was, and as much as he knew he didn't want to talk to Beckham right now, knowing the other man had just given up and gotten out made him feel so alone. Especially now that Aby was not on his side either. It felt terrible to be without him. But he just couldn't.