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 #38447  by Abygail Wexler
"He did not lie to save your life," she snorted. Painting her foolish brother as a hero would be an insult to the situation. "I'm simply saying that life is not as simple as stating that all lies are bad." She waved off that debate. Clearly her brother in law was not in the mood for such conversations.

She quickly drank the rest of her drink. "At some point, Beckham will come and ask for forgiveness. And you'll have to decide if you are willing to give it to him. You'll have to decide how he can prove to you that he is not dishonest."
 #38454  by Aksel Larsen
Aksel didn't know whether he wanted to argue Abygail's point further. Was she saying that Beckham's lie wasn't bad? That it was good, even? He was too exhausted to pursue that direction, and stroked Perle's flank instead.

He shrugged unhappily. 'I don't know what is truth and what is lie now. You lie too,' he repeated. 'Maybe everything is a joke to him? I move from my country for him, I leave everything for him. I love him so much,' he sniffed, rubbing his eyes with his palms aggressively. It was stupid, but he really longed for Beckham. In any other situation where he'd be feeling this sad and distraught, the other man would have been there for him, and make everything better with his hugs, his presence, his words. And now, he had just left, after, well, wasn't it after abandoning him? 'I don't know if he does if he lies.' Were the past five years a joke? Was that what magical people did? Lead non magical folks on, and then when their lives were so intertwined they couldn't fathom their lives without the other, break their heart? He refused to believe Beckham could be this cruel. At the same time, though, only yesterday he had believed a lot of things about Beckham, and they'd turned out to be lies. Who knew anything anymore?
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Abygail sighed. Aksel's trust had been shattered. He was questioning everything they had ever told him and that was probably a valid response to finding out your husband lied to you about the very core of their identity. Yet, she couldn't fully sympathize with him.

She had seen what Beckham and Aksel had. She had seen how much they loved each other, how much they cared, how much they shared. She was envious of what they had and seeing it in jeopardy made her irrationally angry at both of them.

"It wasn't a joke. Anyone who has seen you two knows it's not a joke. My parents would not have been so affronted by you if it had been a joke." With that, she pried herself from the sofa.
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Abygail wasn't cooperating, wasn't taking his side. He wasn't surprised anymore, but he was irritated. Didn't he deserve to have someone take his side? He was in the right, after all. In other circumstances, Beckham would immediately have taken his side. But this was just... This was the worst.

Abygail didn't seem like she wanted to talk anymore. It was just as well. Neither did Aksel. He shrugged in response to her angry outburst. She had lied to him too. How could he trust her, either? He desperately wanted to believe her words, though. Wanted to believe that he had not just wasted five years of his life, all of his heart, on a cruel lie. Wanted to believe that his happiness had been real. That he had been loved as much as he loved.

She was probably going to leave, now, and with her, his contact with Beckham.

'Tell to him...' Tell to him that I love him, he wanted to say, but the words broke in his throat. 'He should come back here. I go... I don't think... not now.' Even if he had been speaking Danish, the words weren't coming to him.
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Her expression softened. "I will tell him," she promised.

She would tell him to go home. She wouldn't tell him that Aksel had warned her of his leaving. She would hope that Beckham could get here before he left and miraculously make him stay. If they just listened to each other, surely they could remember that they were meant to stay together.