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Blind Fanfic Challenge
Challenge Overview

Introducing the Blind Fanfic Challenge! This challenge is similar to the Solo Storytelling Challenge from last week! In the spirit of Chopped, the popular cooking challenge, you will be given a list of four elements, and be tasked with writing a fanfiction story featuring Harry Potter canon characters only using all four elements.

How to Participate
Write a story that contains the following elements:

• A portkey
• Someone trips
• Abnormal weather
• A misunderstanding

Your story should be between 600-1500 words. Stories must follow all Vault 713 rules and guidelines, and make use of content warnings as necessary. Your story must involve canon characters only. You may write about any character and any "ship" you prefer!

Send your story to TyrellRose on her OOC account via private message! This is a blind fanfic challenge, meaning that voters will NOT know who wrote each story. Please do not post your story anywhere else until after voting finishes.
**PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of this challenge, TyrellRose will NOT be participating and will solely act as moderator of the challenge.

Stories must be completed and sent to TyrellRose by Sunday, March 29 at 11pm EST to be included for voting. For entering the challenge you will automatically earn 3 quills per fanfic.

You can complete this challenge three times per player, but be sure to check out the other 2020 Vault Creativity Fest events and rewards if you've already done this one!

If you have any questions about this challenge, feel free to use the Help Desk on the forum or the Help Channel on Discord.


Once all stories have been posted, we will vote on them for additional rewards! Stay tuned for more information about voting, starting Sunday, March 29.