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March 15 - April 4: Stuck inside? Feeling like you need some inspiration? Come participate in our Creativity Fest and put that muse to work!
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Template Challenge
Challenge Overview

Help us stock the Template Repository with some great templates for the Solo Storytelling Forum or for posting character profiles! Create a template and post it in the Template Repository. You can create whatever kind of template you want— whatever inspires you!

How to Participate
Create a template featuring your own, original work. You must post your template in the Template Repository to receive rewards.

Templates can be for...
• Player Profiles
• Character Profiles
• Sandbox Posts
• Thread or Character Lists
• Anything else you can think of that can be used by other players!

Language on templates must be appropriate for all ages.

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Your template must be your own creation and must be unique to be rewarded. Upon posting you will receive 1 Spring Curio for your Curio Cabinet and 3 Quills once the event concludes.

You can complete this challenge once per player, but be sure to check out the other 2020 Vault Creativity Fest events and rewards if you've already done this one!

Participation Form
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