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Creativity/Writing Game: Invent-a-Book!
Challenge Overview

The Wizarding World is full of books on a number of topics covering all fields of magic and dating back centuries!

We want YOU to help us create a Vault713 canon list of books in the Harry Potter universe that can be used in threads to come!

How to Participate
Invent a book that could exist in the Harry Potter universe. Anything goes, as long as it fits with Vault 713's rules and guidelines for content. The book can be on ANY field of magic, but must follow the following guidelines:

*Must not be authored by any existing character on Vault
*Must be of your own original creation
*Must have a title, an author, and a 150-200 word description of the contents

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Please post separately for each entry into this challenge! Upon posting you will receive 5 Quills for each book you submit.

You may enter this challenge up to three times.

Participation Form
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[b]Book Title:[/b]
[b]Book Author:[/b]
[b]Book Description:[/b] (150-200 words)
 #37374  by Vyreia
OOC Name: Vy
Book Title: The Plagued Plume
Book Author: Ember Fir
Book Description: An enchanting tale of a young witch, Flossie Aves, that stumbles upon an unusual sprout upon her travels with the Wizarding Expedition Society. Believing to have found something undiscovered, and desperate to become the first to announce it to the world, Flossie is willing to do anything for a chance at fame and recognition. What she doesn't quite understand, however, is that this particular flower was cursed long ago by a mysterious, grotesque figure of history. And just as suddenly, she has come to realise that a plague has swept across everyone she now touches.

A new adventure awaits Flossie as it becomes evident that her original venture has now become a mission to stop the curse, save her family, and recover her sanity. A chilling, action-packed, detailed work of fiction, depicting the true value of sacrifice and love in this dazzling story. Join Flossie as she unravels every unfolding part of her ever-growing conclusions, and hopefully, stop the overwhelming curse of The Plagued Plume.
 #37375  by Vyreia
OOC Name: Vy
Book Title: Prestigious Tomorrow
Book Author: Dusk Bristlecone
Book Description: Prestigious Tomorrow, by Dusk Bristlecone, is a one-thousand-page anthology documenting inventions, pioneering campaigns, and medical advancements throughout the wizarding world. Published in 1937, Bristlecone places his first chapter in the heat of India, where he discusses the use of enchanted herbs and spices used in potions as ways to make them more palatable and effective in treating ailments.He ventures further to the Middle East, citing the ancient methods of staff-wielding, carpet riding, and the unpresidented secrets of Djinns and their controversy in the wizarding world. In later chapters, Bristlecone dives into Victorian inventions, displaying designs and works from the pioneer, Edgar J Floyd; including diary entries, in-depth analyses of his gadgets and gizmos, and his revolutionary methods of enchanting sprockets and spoils. The anthology discusses modernised magical conclusions and how the works and research previously documented have affected modern wizardry (as of 1937), and offers potential future predictions on how they will be further used.
 #37377  by Vyreia
OOC Name: Vy
Book Title: The completed works of Lavender Gray
Book Author: Lavender Gray
Book Description: Lavender Gray was famous for her captivating, and hauntingly beautiful novellas and poetry. Born in 1775, her works keenly reflect the Romanticism style of the period; lingering loves, unrequited passions, unresolved dreams, and an emphasis on creating beauty out of ugliness. The collections features her hopeful poetic classics from her youth; 'Ode to Marmion', 'Adonis the Conqueror', and 'Children of Sunlight', before delving into the depths of her growing forlorn memories of adulthood; 'Silver Stints & Honeyed Blades', 'Mariner's Revenge', and 'Upon Second Sight'.

The collection also features the devastating, infamous poem 'Corsair's Forest' - a detailed, horrific look into the mind of a bewildered and impassioned woman on the edge of breaking. Perhaps as one of her most tragic pieces, and the last to have been recovered from her archive, the collection revisits the possible intentions of the work. And, as intended, her pieces remain untouched, unedited, and uncensored for the public to digest in its heart-wrenching form.
 #37382  by Ejder
OOC Name: Ejder
Book Title: Elsterwerda the explorer: A life larger than fiction
Book Author: Carsten Funkenfluss
Book Description: Born in 1787, Wolfram Hexenhut, Baron von Elsterwerda stands as the wizarding counterpart to Alexander von Humboldt and Carl von Linné, if a little later. Educated classically first by a magical nanny and then as a member of the Prussian nobility, he attended in turn the University of Jena, where he studied natural sciences, and the Great Ducal Saxon Art School of Weimar, where he studied animal paiting and had a chance to rub shoulders with the Prussian intelligentsia of the time.

Discovering the work of his contemporaries, and the results of Humboldt’s expeditions, Elsterwerda decided to go on an expedition of his own, in the Amazonian rainforest, to find magical creatures to paint and start the wizarding world’s scientific classification system. Things did not go as planned, and Elsterwerda instead classified magical flora, bringing to the European world knowledge of more than 500 magical plants from across the world. Coupled with some of Elsterwerda’s vividly-rendered paintings of the world’s most fascinating plants from the first edition of his book Systema naturae magicis, this biography details in exquisite prose the life of the magical world’s most interesting man.
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 #37383  by Ejder
OOC Name:Ejder
Book Title: The Passion of Rosemary
Book Author: Leonine Lycoris
Book Description: Available for the first time in this completely uncensored version, The Passion of Rosemary, first published anonymously in chapter installments in the Daily Prophet from 1885 to 1887, was the Victorian era’s most scandalous bestseller. From its first publication to today, the novel has never stopped being relevant, as many books and plays have been written, and continue to be written, about Lycoris’ magnum opus. This edition commemorates the centennial of the novel’s first publication. With a foreword by Elfrieda Porden.

The Passion of Rosemary recounts the life of Lady Rosemary Fleming, starting with the youth of the upper class young woman, increasingly at odds with her family and surroundings, and her search for her own identity, culminating in her running away from home and trying to make a life for herself in the manufactures of Bethnal Green. There, she finds love, with Georgiana Wareham, a young Muggle woman, and returns to her lavish life of nobility, all the while courting Georgiana and introducing her to the wizarding world, in what is considered to be wizarding England’s most risqué and torrid love story. Readers may now read the beloved classic novel that shocked and thrilled Victorian witches and wizard in this stunning leather-bound tome.
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 #37384  by TyrellRose
OOC Name: TyrellRose
Book Title: Spineridge’s Guide to Duelling
Book Author: Everett Spineridge
Book Description:
Everett Spineridge shares his secrets to the competitive wizarding sport of dueling! From the best hexes to use to knock back your opponent to the optimal time to cast that oh-so-important Shield Charm, Spinedridge has you covered.

Published in 1990, and presented in 200 easy to follow chapters, Spineridge takes you on a journey through the basics of dueling and the rules for all three styles, all the way up to his favourite advanced techniques. Duelists everywhere will love this amazing guide. Also featured are interviews with some of the leading duelists in the world! Learn their tips and tricks for the perfect match and find out what their favourite hexes and jinxes are. Finally, also included is a lexicon of all legal jinxes used in duels today. Gone will be your confusion over whether the Bat Bogey Hex is allowed in duels!

Every duelist needs this on their shelves. Spineridge’s Guide to Duelling has been translated into every language in the world.
 #37386  by Ejder
OOC Name: Ejder
Book Title: Little Witch, Big Potion
Book Author: Magnolia-Pearl Knight, illustrated by August Gregory
Book Description: From the beloved duo that brought you the hilarious Have you seen my broomstick?, Little Witch, Big Potion is the newest delightful, warm-hearted story that will have you and your little ones in stitches. Magnolia-Pearl Knight is an early childhood education specialist. This is their eighth collaborative work. Little Witch, Big Potion has been short-listed for the Tiny Wands 2004 award.

Little witch Nettle is angry: her best friend Tillie said she couldn’t brew a Growth potion because she was too little! Nettle will show her! There’s nothing Nettle can’t do! So the little witch sets out to make her own Growth potion and prove to Tillie that she can do anything, but soon the potion proves to be more difficult to brew than expected. With a catastrophe about to bubble out of her cauldron, Nettle must enlist the help of all her friends to prove, once and for all, that little witches can do big things too.
 #37388  by TyrellRose
OOC Name: TyrellRose
Book Title: The Founders
Book Author: Lacey Lagolly
Book Description:
Presented now for the first time in unabridged form, Lacey Lagolly’s one act play “The Founders” tells the gripping story of the founding of Hogwarts School. Lagolly’s dialogue captures the tension between the four founders, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, and Rowena Ravenclaw as they decide how their school will be run. Witness the thrilling argument between Gryffindor and Slytherin that nearly halted the founding, and the efforts made by Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff to placate the opposing founders.

With a foreword by leading Founders historian Magor Misentri, this scholar’s edition is complete with readers’ notes and a full glossary of terms. Lagolly endeavored to present a mostly historically accurate drama and spent countless hours in the Hogwarts Library, researching for the play.

“The Founders” was performed for the first time on stage at the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1947 and later an abridged version was published. The abridged version has since been performed twice. It is Lagolly’s only published work.
 #37389  by TyrellRose
OOC Name: TyrellRose
Book Title: Mabel's Sweets
Book Author: Mabel Hinterberg
Book Description:
From the author of “Mabel’s Magical Meals” (1968) and the award winning “Budget Meals with Mabel” (1979) comes a brand new cookbook that will have sweet toothed individuals everywhere crying with delight. “Mabel’s Sweets” is a compilation of Mabel Hinterberg’s favourite desserts and treats, including her world famous Pumpkin Pie recipe. Join Miss Mabel as she guides us through her recipes with heartwarming stories about the times she would make them for her family and friends.

With a preface by celebrity chef Tom Parklin, “Mabel’s Sweets” stands the test of time with recipes from Miss Mabel’s childhood as well as recipes she has developed more recently. Miss Mabel’s recipes are easy to follow and include tips and tricks such as charms that can make the baking process faster and easier for the mom on the go. Mothers everywhere adore Miss Mabel’s delicious ideas and this cookbook is no exception.

“Mabel’s Sweets” includes a sneak peek at her next cookbook, “Mabel’s Feasts”, scheduled for release in 2000.
 #37392  by Fae
OOC Name: Fae
Book Title: Belfrah’s Big Beasties
Book Author: Belfrah Dracona
Book Description: In this informative manual, Belfrah Dracona, author of “How to Befriend a Dragon” and “Dragon Facts for Kids”, provides a number of facts about the different breeds of dragons. From flightless dragons to long-necked dragons, this book is sure to fill you with knowledge! Includes a forward from Belfrah’s very own daughter, Petra, a dragon tamer.

Have you ever wondered why different dragons eat different foods? Why one dragon will come and play, but another will blow fire at you? Just which dragons breathe fire? Is it offensive to assume all dragon breathe fire? All this and more will be answered in this manual. Belfrah even includes some never before released tricks to try with different dragons.

Please note: Belfrah and Petra recommend you do not try any tricks or hacks with dragons unless you are a trained professional or personally know and trust the dragon. Although not all dragons breathe fire, they all have sharp teeth.