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Solo Storytelling Voting
Voting Overview

We had an amazing five entries into our Solo Storytelling Challenge last week! Thank you to TheTiniestPanda, Fae, Ejder, and TyrellRose for participating! Each of these stories are unique and fun!

Voting will be on the following criteria: Funniest Story, Saddest Story, Happiest Story, and Most Shocking Story.

To vote, simply emoji react on each story according to the following legend:

Funniest Story: Laughing emoji
Saddest Story: Sobbing emoji
Happiest Story: Grin emoji
Most Shocking Story: OMG emoji

The author story with the most emoji reactions in each category will receive an additional Spring Curio and 10 quills!

Not sure how to emoji react to a post? First of all, log in or switch to your OOC account.

At the bottom right corner of each post on Vault713 there is a star icon. Click on it and the emojis will appear. Then, simply click on the emoji you wish to add. You can add multiple emojis to a post!

If you have any questions about how voting works, feel free to use the Help Desk on the forums or the Help Channel on Discord

The Stories
The stories eligible for voting are:

Tucked Into the Shadows by TheTiniestPanda
Don't Stay Low by Fae
Like the Sun by TyrellRose
Slainte by Ejder
Zoom Zoom by Ejder


Voting will end at 11:59pm EST on March 28, and the winners will be announced on March 29th!
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Solo Storytelling Results
The results are in!

Thank you to everyone who voted on the five amazing stories we received for the Solo Storytelling Challenge! The votes have been tallied and the winners are, drumroll please..............

The Most Shocking Story is... Tucked Into the Shadows by TheTiniestPanda with 2 votes!

The Happiest Story is... Don't Stay Low by Fae with 2 votes!

The Saddest Story is... Like the Sun by TyrellRose with 3 votes!

The Funniest Story is... Slainte by Ejder with 1 vote!

Congratulations to the winners! The four authors will each be receiving 10 quills!

Be sure to check out our Week 3 events later today!