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Blind Fanfic Challenge
Challenge Overview

Introducing the Blind Fanfic Challenge! This challenge is similar to the Solo Storytelling Challenge from last week! In the spirit of Chopped, the popular cooking challenge, you will be given a list of four elements, and be tasked with writing a fanfiction story featuring Harry Potter canon characters only using all four elements.

How to Participate
Write a story that contains the following elements:

• A portkey
• Someone trips
• Abnormal weather
• A misunderstanding

Your story should be between 600-1500 words. Stories must follow all Vault 713 rules and guidelines, and make use of content warnings as necessary. Your story must involve canon characters only. You may write about any character and any "ship" you prefer!

Send your story to TyrellRose on her OOC account via private message! This is a blind fanfic challenge, meaning that voters will NOT know who wrote each story. Please do not post your story anywhere else until after voting finishes.
**PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of this challenge, TyrellRose will NOT be participating and will solely act as moderator of the challenge.

Stories must be completed and sent to TyrellRose by Sunday, March 29 at 11pm EST to be included for voting. For entering the challenge you will automatically earn 3 quills per fanfic.

You can complete this challenge three times per player, but be sure to check out the other 2020 Vault Creativity Fest events and rewards if you've already done this one!

If you have any questions about this challenge, feel free to use the Help Desk on the forum or the Help Channel on Discord.


Once all stories have been posted, we will vote on them for additional rewards! Stay tuned for more information about voting, starting Sunday, March 29.
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Luna's Laughs
by anonymous

Lights, camera, action

“Live from London, England, welcome everyone to Luna’s Laughs! Our musical guests tonight are The Weird Sisters! And we’ll hear from Luna’s very own alumni, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom!” The announcer took a pause for applause. Once the crowd quieted, he began again. “Now, without further ado, heeeeeeere’s Luuuuunaaaaaa!”

As the crowd broke out into more applause, Luna walked on stage and over to her purple, patchworked armchair.

“Hello, everyone! I was thinking on my way here today that we should gather some pygmy puffs and teach them to play musical instruments. They could open my show every night. Perhaps their first single could be Puff All Night.” The audience broke into laughter. Luna’s Laughs would never be complete without some obscure thought.

She hummed a small tune as the crowd quieted down again. “Now, we have two, lovely guests with us tonight, as you all heard. We were supposed to hear from my friend, Harry Potter as well, but unfortunately he won’t be able to make it.” The audience broke into an almost in unison ‘aww’ at the news. “He’s in Ireland this week, and they are having just awful weather tonight. It might be a summer blizzard, or a hurricane. I’m not too sure, Harry just told me he couldn’t come and then the floo fire went dead.” She turned her head to see her first guest standing by her showrunner – her cue to continue with the guests they did have.

“But enough on that. You know him as my best friend and the greatest herbologist I know, he’s the one, and only… Neville!” She stood up as her audience began cheering again, clapping along with them. When he was halfway across the stage, Neville tripped, landing face first on the floor. “Whoopsie! Guess the stage is more slippery than last time.” She walked over to him, helping him to stand up. “Are you okay?” She assisted him over to the matching patchworked couch. “You look a bit unwell.”

“Uh, yeah…” Neville spoke sheepishly, he didn’t really want to discuss his condition in front of an audience, but he knew Luna wouldn’t let it go anytime soon. So, he humoured her. “I had to go to Liverpool this morning, to check out a rare plant they have there. Unfortunately, I ended up staying too late and had no time to get back here. You manager helped me to set up a portkey though, so I could use that.” He felt his stomach churn as he explained his situation. “And now I feel… I could use a nap, in all honesty.” He flashed pleading eyes at the girl.

“Oh my…” Luna’s hand went to cover her mouth. “I’ve heard many horror stories of how sick people get from portkeys. Hopefully you don’t end up that bad. It’s too bad we haven’t invented a way to get around that doesn’t cause sickness, hey Neville?” She turned in her chair to face him better. “But, a rare plant? Can you disclose more?”

Neville sighed. She didn’t seem to get his hint. It wasn’t that he wanted to ruin her show, again, but he really did not want to be in the spotlight right now. “Let’s just say it’s rumoured to have properties that can allow you to stay up for 48 hours without getting tired, or even longer.”

“So, it could be handy to students? Or anyone else scrambling to complete something?”

“Yeah. It’s very difficult to harvest though. One wrong move and it could send you into a 48-hour nap.” His stomach churned some more.

Luna grimaced. “Well that wouldn’t be too nice. Have many researchers been forced to nap?”

“Um… I think maybe one or two. They then deduced that gloves cou-“ Without so much as a warning, Neville began puking mid-sentence.

Luna jumped from her chair, turning to her showrunner and gesturing for him to pull the curtain. “We’re going to take a quick break, but in just a few minutes, The Weird Sisters will be out to play some songs. I’ll see if I can get them to play Puff All Night too. I’ll be back in a bit, lovelies.” With that, the curtain was dropped, and all microphones and cameras were turned off.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick, Neville?” She sat down beside him on the couch, holding his hand as an intern brought him a bottle of water.

“I kind of did, Luna. Or, well, you said I looked unwell and I agreed. Plus, I said I needed a nap. I’m sorry I ruined the show.” He looked down at his lap, closing his eyes as the vomit on the floor made him feel worse.

“You didn’t ruin anything. Everyone’s going to be talking about this for months. You’ll be the legend that puked on live TV.”

“Right… Everyone’s dream.”

The showrunner then ushered them offstage so that the stage could be cleaned. The Weird Sisters then made their way on stage to play some songs for the audience. Normally, the musical guests would open and close the show, but sometimes alterations had to be made.

By the time they had completed their third song, Neville was hiding in a dressing room, and Luna was ready to hit the stage again. She made her way to her chair at the end of their song, clapping with the audience. “How awesome are they?” The applause grew louder.

“I’m going to ask our musical guests to stay on stage while we chat with our next guest. Then they can accompany us while we play Luna’s Live Games.” An intern brought out stools for all the members of the band. “Our final guest is the smartest girl I know. She’s interning with the Minister of Magic. She knows how to kick butt. My friend, Hermione Granger!”

The show continued on with some discussion with Hermione. The two then played a number of crazy games, including one where they had to get cookies from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands – a game Luna had seen on a muggle show a while back. While they played, the band provided background music.

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Solo Storytelling Results
The results are in!

Thank you to our one author who submitted a story for our Blind Fanfic Challenge! Because there were no other stories to vote on, this lucky author will receive 15 quills. 10 are for the best use of the four elements that needed to be included, and 5 are for the most unique characters included.

Now, without further ado, the author who wrote Luna's Laughs is, drumroll please.....................


Thank you for participating and enjoy your quills!

Be sure to check out our Week 3 events!