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Challenge: Draw a Magical Creature
Challenge Overview

The Wizarding World is full of incredible creatures (and yes, we are channeling Newt Scamander here). We want to see YOUR version of them!

Your challenge is to draw (hand-drawn or digitally) a magical creature!

How to Participate
Check out this Wikipedia page for a list of magical creatures in the Wizarding World.

Choose one of them and draw it! Simple as that! For this challenge we are looking for your rendition of the creature, either hand drawn or digital, but not using a dollmaker website. You are more than welcome to look at reference pictures, of course!

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Please post separately for each entry into this challenge! Upon posting you will receive 5 Quills for each drawing you submit.

Please be mindful of our Image Guidelines (found at the bottom of that page). Consider linking to your drawing rather than embedding it on the page.

You may enter this challenge up to three times.

Participation Form
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