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Creativity/Writing Game: Character Playlists!
Challenge Overview

Music is art too! We want to see the music you associate with your characters and their lives!

How to Participate
Choose one of your characters and create a playlist that represent them! Your playlist should have between 3-10 songs that represent them, their life, or their relationships (romantic or platonic!). As an added challenge, explain why you have picked each song!

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Please post separately for each entry into this challenge! Upon posting you will receive 5 Quills for each playlist you submit.

Please be mindful of our Rules and Guidelines (found at the bottom of that page). If you are linking to a song, please ensure it is “clean” or that you put the appropriate warning.

You may enter this challenge up to three times.

Participation Form
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 #37543  by Maki
OOC Name Maki
Playlist Shiro Takayama

[WARNING, his life and story is not innocent, usually an emotionless character inside and on a few threads you can see his mind is actually very emotional - if not dark. If you don't like and or are sensitive to some topics this playlist might not be for you - Details have been severely limited....but the hints are still there.]

Numb - Linkin park
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Silent Theory - Fragile Minds
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NF - Paralized
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NF - My stress
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written by wolves - pretty lies
[ View OOC Note ]
Shinedown- My name (wearing me out) [WARNING SOME ADULT LANGUAGE]
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Rise- State of mine
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No resolve- What you deserve
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Thousand foot Krutch - Welcome to the masquerade
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 #37547  by Cat
OOC Name: Cat
Playlist: Emily Anderson
  • Lucy May Walker - Without him - describes everyone else's thoughts about her relationship with Seb
  • Ed Sheeran - What do I know? - 'Just remember life is more than fitting in your jeans, its love and understanding, positivity' - Emily was always a quiet kid, determined to get in no trouble, but she refuses to stand by and let others get hurt; her whole career is about supporting those less fortunate
  • Heartland - I loved her first - this song is technically a father/daughter song, but it came on one day when I was writing a thread where Sebastien interrupts the first proper date between Emerson/Emily, so it feels quite fitting to his opinion of her
  • Lucy Spraggan - Hush Little Baby - Emily aches for a child, and I imagine this would be a letter she would write to her baby
  • Lucy Spraggan - If - 'I'll have time for you when time is running out, I'll have faith when you have doubts, I'll take your side when there's no proof, if you want me to' - I think this perfectly describes her and Emerson's relationship, and how the other one always balances the other out. Their relationship isn't always 50-50 but sometimes 40-60 or even 80-20 when the other needs support.
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 #37549  by Vyreia
OOC Name: Vy

Anastasiya Zherdeva

How It Feels To Be Alive - James Blunt
Falling Slow - The Slow Show
Would You Mind - Friday Pilots Club
My Heart Is Buried In Venice - Ricky Montgomery
Wait For Me - AliceBanD

Ana is currently in a melancholy state of mind, particularly about the relationships in her life, including the ones with; ex-lovers, her husband, her brother, and her father. Each song is picked for it's messages on yearning, unrequited feelings or ambitions, and the idea that happiness is unattainable. Wait For Me by AliceBanD was add last as it is perhaps the most heart-wrenching, and the line "we will be together when we die" is something Ana truly believes with her ex-lover now that she is married to someone else.

 #37561  by Ejder
OOC Name: Ejder
Playlist: Please note that these are mostly songs I associate to Aksel, rather than what he listens to himself.

Aksel Larsen
Aksel's guilty pleasure song.
Aksel and Beckham's relationship didn't start off on the premise that there would be more than one night.
Aksel and Beckham's relationship was perfect.
Aksel enjoys working out and crossfit, and all that positive energy.
The pain of betrayal.
Aksel feels stupid for having been so blind.
Aksel feels it's over for him and Beckham.
Trying to go on after his world has been shattered.
Aksel wishes things had been different.
Maybe it's better this way, Aksel wonders.
 #37565  by Ejder
OOC Name: Ejder
Playlist: Warning for language for many of these songs.

Dino O'Sullivan
How Dino feels about Dorian.
Dino doesn't especially love going back to Derry.
Dino lives life intensely.
Living life to the fullest leaves a mark.
Dino blazes his own trail, but doesn't think much of consequences.
Mostly just because Dino loves SoaD.
Dino relates mostly to the part about partying.
Dino is a lot like this song: he'll be at every party, and even if some are initially annoyed, everyone's going to sing along.
Dino prefers being himself than fitting in.
Dino pines after Dorian, feeling powerless.
 #37569  by Ejder
OOC Name: Ejder
Playlist: There's no real explanation for these songs. They are earworms, and are catchy and hard to get out of your head. Kind of like Peeves, only in musical form.

Peeves the Poltergeist
Where did you come from, where did you go?
Op-op-op-op- Oppan Gangnam Style!
Which seat can I take?
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy!
Na na na na na, na na na na naaaaaa na...
Aserejé, ha, he he
Ma-i-a hi, ma-i-a hu, ma-i-a ho, ma-i-a ha ha
The cold never bothered me anyway
 #37571  by Kay
OOC Name: Kay
Playlist: Vera Hadley
  • Lighthouse - Diane Birch - "I've been walking the wasteland of my heart, You came and delivered me." This is very much an Evelyn and Vera song. They were forced allies in the fight against Umbridge. They reluctantly worked together for a year, but ultimately lost their battle. Through the year they did develop a strong bond, a bond that survived many hardships. They are constantly there to save each other from their inner darkness. Their love is a lighthouse.
  • Sunday Dress - Dala - "And if I believed in Jesus, Like a little girl in her Sunday dress, And if I live forever like Elvis, Would I be perfect?" - A song about expectations for my lovely Vera who is so desperate to please everyone. And this song also explores an interesting question, what kind of parent does a people pleaser make?
  • Diane - Cam - "I'd rather you hate me than not understand" - This is the answer to Dolly Parton's Jolene, Vera was not innocent, she very well knew she was having an affair with a married man. Nonetheless, I feel like this song ultimately represents her feelings towards Emily. She will always regret the hurt she caused.
 #37584  by Kay
OOC Name: Kay
Playlist: Alexandra McKinney
  • Sleeping Sickness - City and Colour - "And I'm afraid, to sleep because of what haunts me, Such as, living with the uncertainty, That'll never find the words to say, Which would completely explain, just how I'm breaking down" - Alex goes through long periods of insomnia tainted with images of war.
  • Take Care - Florence & The Machine cover "Pushing me away so I give her space, ah, Dealing with a heart that I didn't break" - Alex and Isla might be the most beautiful and intimate love story. They are each other's safety.