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Creativity/Writing Game: Recipes!
Challenge Overview

Food is art too! We want to see the recipes you associate with your characters!

How to Participate
Choose one of your characters and share a recipe they would make for themselves or their loved ones! Then, explain why it is a favourite recipe of theirs! It can be a recipe you find on the internet, or a recipe you personally know!

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Please post separately for each entry into this challenge! Upon posting you will receive 5 Quills for each recipe you submit.

You may enter this challenge up to three times.

Participation Form
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[b]OOC Name:[/b]
[b]Recipe:[/b] (you may link or post the recipe here)
[b]Explanation:[/b] Why does this recipe mean something to your character?
 #37550  by Vyreia
OOC Name: Vy
Recipe: Lasagna by Hera Cleary
Explanation: This recipe means something to Hera as, rather infamously, she has never been good at cooking. She has always wanted to be good at it, but has always found a way of burning things. Lasagna is the first thing she ever cooked for Egan, and fair to say, it was half ash by the time it was finished. Since then, Hera made it a goal to perfect a lasagna. For this recipe specifically, she has put more vegetables into it as it is made for her two children, and it is perhaps one of the easiest meals to make sure they're getting in some greens without much argument. It's become a favourite of theirs.
 #37551  by Cat
OOC Name: Cat
Recipe: Maple and honey roast ham by Emily Anderson
Explanation: This is Sebastien's favourite meal. Whilst his mother hadn't been one to cook a homemade dinner, he'd had a nanny growing up that used to cook for him and his sister. This was Sebastien's favourite dish and his former nanny shared the recipe with Emily just a few months into them being married. It had taken a long time for her to perfect it and by the time she had, he was never home early enough to enjoy it anyway. It's a bittersweet memory and the dish holds some rather negative memories, but it is a pretty darn good one.
 #37552  by Cat
OOC Name: Cat
Recipe: Andrea Carter's Chilli - beef mince, fresh chillis, chilli powder, garlic, chopped tomato and just a hit of dark chocolate - served with rice and salad.
Explanation: Much to Emily's chagrin and many attempts to teach her, it's the only thing that Andrea can properly cook for herself. It's simple enough, warming and filling and lots of veg can be added where she deems it necessary.
 #37553  by Cat
OOC Name: Cat
Recipe: Honey and garlic meatballs - altered by Eileen Foxlove to be cheese-stuffed, by inserting a small piece of cheese inside the meatballs.
Explanation: This was the first dish Eileen ever successfully made and changed by herself. Her childhood was filled with delicious, expensive food but when Eileen moved out of her family home, she suddenly realised she didn't know how to look after herself! She tried many simple recipes, building her confidence until she felt comfortable trying something new. She made the cheese-stuffed meatballs and has never looked back. Despite the many cooking books in her flat, Eileen doesn't follow recipes anymore. Every now and again, she'll have a quick flick through and read them, but she often changes them up as she sees fit or invents entirely new creations!
 #37554  by Ejder
OOC Name: Ejder
Recipe: Can's grandmother's baklava
Explanation: Growing up, Can's grandmother would always have sweets when they visited. Over the years, Can became curious, and eventually he learned to make baklava with her. It's not such an easy recipe to make, so he doesn't do it often, but to him, it tastes like his childhood.
 #37556  by Ejder
OOC Name: Ejder
Recipe: The Godfather's spaghetti sauce
Explanation: Once upon a time, Nikau was a newly divorced dad with very limited cooking experience and a hungry kid to feed. He didn't get any cookbooks in the divorce, so he had to improvise, and of course the one recipe he could think of was from the movie he'd just been watching. It's become a Harrison family classic, now.
 #37639  by Fae
OOC Name: Fae
Recipe: Zara's Favourite Pizza Dough Recipe
Explanation: After her mother left, Zara and her father found themselves eating a lot of pizza. One day, they decided to try making their own pizzas, finding a recipe in a dusty book. The pizza was mildly burnt, but the crust tasted amazing, as did their topping of choice - cheese and tomato. They now make their own pizzas.
 #37640  by Fae
OOC Name: Fae
Recipe: Whitney's Garlic Oregano Chicken
Explanation: Whitney hates cooking to begin with, so when she has to cook for herself, she loves to keep it simple. Anything that only needs to be microwaved, or only has a couple steps is her go-to. It's a bonus if there's few ingredients that she needs to gather.

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 #37655  by TyrellRose
OOC Name: TyrellRose
Recipe: Carter's Car Food
Explanation: So Carter lived out of his car for several years, slipping into hotels when he could. To that end, he had to figure out quick and easy meals that didn't cost /too/ much money and didn't require too many supplies. Microwave mac and cheese just kind of fit the bill, so he lived off of it. Sometimes he would throw in some extras if he had the cash, but basically mac and cheese was his life.
 #37656  by TyrellRose
OOC Name: TyrellRose
Recipe: Azalea's French Toast Casserole:
8 slices of raisin bread (cubed), 3 large eggs, roughly a cup of milk, three tablespoons of sugar, a couple of pinches of brown sugar, some nutmeg, some cinnamon, pinch of salt, pecans (optional). Mix it all together and throw into a square baking dish. Top with dots of butter, a bunch of brown sugar, and cinnamon. Bake in 350F oven for about half an hour or so. Let sit for about 10 mins.
Top it with some table syrup and/or two tablespoons of raspberry jam, microwaved for 30 seconds, stirred a bit, and drizzled it over the top
Explanation: Azalea's relationship with her adoptive parents was rocky at best, but she always put it to the side on Sunday mornings when they enlisted her in helping to make this sugary, rich, decadent brunch item. Her job was always to mix everything together. It's been her dream since she ran away to find somewhere to settle down and make this by herself.

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 #37657  by TyrellRose
OOC Name: TyrellRose
Recipe: Jimena's Sancocho
Explanation: This was the first recipe Jimena remembers making with her mother. Their family ate it all the time when she was growing up. She considers it her deepest connection to her parents and siblings, and makes it occasionally for herself now. She has vowed that the day she has all of her siblings together again, she will make this for them.