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Deity Dragon Specialists
Become an employee or business partner by using the roles below or creating your own!

What Is Deity?
Deity Dragon Specialist is your number one resource for dragon feed, training equipment, and more. The experts at Deity work primarily with the various dragon reserves of Europe and the United Kingdom, providing them with dried, nutritional food that can be stocked up without expiring quickly, fire-proof bridles and harnesses, medical potions and salves, and more. In addition to the reserve arrangements, however, they also provide ample resources for dragonology enthusiasts and are a useful and reliable resource for individuals looking for information how to get into the field area and research premises. They also do some work with other dangerous creatures as well, and often host educational programs for students and the general public.

More information on Deity can be found here.

Possible Characters

Saddle Maker • Witch • Mid-20s
A young woman taking steps to becoming a dragonologist - unfortunately, she didn't make enough grades in her other subjects at school to qualify. Instead, she has decided to work toward it using other methods via work experience in the specified field.
Street-Smart • Practical • Hard-Working • Witty

International Researcher • Wizard • Mid to Late 30s
A man using his platform to scope out other job opportunities. Deity is nice and all, but it's still technically a small business, and he wants to go to something bigger, and possibly get a position above a large team.
Tactical • Persuasive • Organised • Ambitious

Quality Assurance Associate • Witch • 40s+
A woman dreading her 50s - she has a lot of experience with products designed for beasts, and now wants to nurture young minds willing to learn. She wants to have her job description altered in order to be put in charge of the interns and trainees.
Motherly • Optimistic • Empathetic • Nurturing

Financial Adviser • Squib Seer • 30s
A squib with alternative talents wanting to use her abilities for more than just telling prophecies. She has recently found a knack for predicting changes in the financial market, and has now become close to Hera in business plans.
Shy • Meticulous • Neat • Intelligent

How To Take A Character
See a character idea you like? PM me or reply here and let me know! You are welcome to change anything about the characters listed, including: job title, name, gender, species, age, personalities. These are simply basic ideas that are to be expanded upon.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to help and establish character connections.