A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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The Elevator Pitch:
X-Files meets Harry Potter meets Dark*Matter. A contemporary blend of fantasy and sci-fi horror. Most action involves investigations into the paranormal by agents of an extra-governmental organization known as the Hoffmann Institute. The Institute, based out of Chicago is an international organization devoted to investigating paranormal phenomena and generally preventing magical catastrophe, demonic summonings or hostile alien invasion.

Core Assumptions about The World:
  • Much of the wizarding world of HP that we know is largely the same overall but timeframes of everything are a bit wibbly wobbly timey wimey to set things primarily in present day. The world at large has known about magic for a bit under a year at this point, Harry’s been an auror for a few years.
  • Lycanthropy follows more traditional urban fantasy / horror tropes than HP canon. With practice some werewolves can control the change and tame the beast, except on the nights of the full moon.
  • Aliens exist and have lived amongst humankind for almost 60 years. Some peaceably, some with far more nefarious intent. Governments generally know this, and work to ensure the general public doesn’t know this.
  • Other types of magic and magical practitioners exist. Those without the spark that HP witches and wizards possess probably are making deals with powerful entities like demons or Lovecraftian horrors to be able to cast spells.
  • Conspiracies abound, strange secret societies plot and scheme for the good and ill of the world, and nasty things lurk in the shadows almost everywhere.
  • Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, Auror, and Special Agent recruited to the Hoffmann Institute after world of magic became revealed to muggles
  • Natasha Porter, ex-Chicago PD and FBI agent. Learned about the world of magic the hard way by getting bit by a werewolf while on a case and almost killing her former partner the first full moon afterwards. Recruited to the Hoffmann Institute after her world got turned upside down, Tasha is equal parts eager and wary to get back out into the field after months of training to tame her inner beast.
  • ??? (Come play with us! The Truth is out there)
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Yes! Please come play! There’s potiental for endless creativity! You can be anyone or anything :)
 #36981  by Jason
Still open to exploring this one with anyone interested. Come play in a modern-fantasy setting that combines two of my favorite Files, Dresden and X -