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Mail Call #1 ★ 2 Letters

PostPosted:01 Oct 2018, 18:01
by Owl Post
Mail Call: Founders Era
These owls have been sent using the News, Letters, & Rumors Form. The recipient of each owl is noted in the letter,
and if you receive an owl you may reply to it either by replying to this thread or by submitting to the form.
Mail Call threads are only open for replies until the next day that mail is delivered.

Owls are sorted by recipient, in alphabetical order of the recipient's first name.

To: Gwyneth MacColla

Dear Lady MacColla,

I humbly invite you to participate in our annual jousting competition. We believe a courtly creature such as you is wasted as a barmaid, and will benefit greatly should you win.

Please send message if you choose to accept.

Duke of Abingdon,
Oswain The Impassive

To: Mearc-Stapa


I have a quest for thee. You desire gold? I have something greater. But I need something else first.

Meet me at The Rose Court Inn as dusk.