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RPFounders Era Plot & Overview
The founding of Hogwarts School and Durmstrang Institute ushers in a new way of life for the magical community, creating a wedge between it and the non-magical community at a time when everyone needs to work together to protect themselves.
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Traveling Heralds - January 995

Danger! Danger! Those who love thy children and maids and wenches, sons and daughters and heirs, we are all in terrible danger. The end is nigh! Predicted sixteen nights ago by the hag of the blood-night. The prophecy is upon us, along with fearsome creatures sent from the sky. No man is safe! Our swords will melt by their breath and our bones will decay in their claws!
Magic has doomed us to die! It is time for us to take a vow and send back these foul beasts to whence they came. Gather your sons, get any weapons you can, pick up your bows and prepare to kill the beast with a thousand backs! We ride at dawn.
Any man who does not pick up his sword shall burn with his pride by the beast itself.

— Heralded throughout the Kingdom of Scandinavia

Come and prove your skills and worth! We seek those with a thirst for adventure to aid in protecting the nearby villages from recent dragon attacks!
Please know that we do not aim to kill the dragons, merely discourage them from settling in the surrounding lands.
All those interested, please inform your instructor immediately.

— Posted in the halls of Hogwarts

Who dares to say that dragons are dangerous when they are creatures we can learn from? It has already been done across the seas. The Viking raiders truly are taming dragons and we must do the same. Join me to protect our villages.

— Overheard throughout the Kingdom of Alba

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