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News Brief ⋆ 5 January 997

PostPosted:05 Jan 2020, 11:42
by In The News
News Brief
5 January 997
The Travelling Herald
A Proclamation in Alba
Hear ye, hear ye!

The tutors at Hogwarts School of Magic would like to inform the surrounding area that a vampire coven has been spotted near the keep. This coven is considered hostile and dangerous and is not to be approached under any circumstances.

Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin are seeking vampire hunters of the highest degree of training to assist in containing the threat. Vampire hunters of Alba, hear the call! The reward will be great.

A Proclamation in Egypt
Hear ye, hear ye!

The priests and priestesses of Blessed Isis Temple have confirmed the outbreak of a mysterious illness affecting the temple. The illness presents itself with boils and a rash across the shoulders and back, as well as retching and fever. The temple is organizing a quarantine for those affected, and confirm that it has not spread beyond the temple walls.

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