A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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 #40399  by Becky
Hello my Vault friends!! As we have been working behind the screen discussing new potential fun challenges, and site wide plots, I had an idea. An idea that I would like to discuss with all you and see if it would be a site feature you all would enjoy and/or use.

That idea, would be brining a system to actually allow characters to duel almost in real time on the board. Duels that would be realistic, and actually potentially cause real effects to the character.

There are of course some bugs that would need to be worked out, I am envisioning a D&D like set up on how damage and such would be. It would also have a classes like in D&D, for example a high level Auror against say a Diagon Alley Shopkeeper would not be an equal duel. There is also the simple fact that some witches and wizards are more powerful magical then others. Also the fact say your character has some sort of creature blood they might be more resistant to certain magic over others. Different spell would also have various effects, like a spell of dark magic against a simple charm would of course have different consequences.

This is the rough basics of what I have so far. So what do you guys think, would this be something you as a player would be interested in? I welcome any and all feedback, as well as any ideas you have about how the system could work.