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AND We're Back!

*Brushes a Bit of Dust From the Mantle*

Hello All! Ever so sorry for the delay, there was a bit of a mix up with the post. Never use a African Swallow to send post, they do great work with coconuts, but not so great with post. But enough of that, just know you have us at the Vaults greatest appreciation, and apologies for the delay.

We have because of the delay, the change in season, and because of the Global Pandemic, have not touched any accounts or threads. Things of that nature should be exactly the same as they were when we first went on break.

We would also love to take a moment to wish a Happy Pride Month to all of our members! We see you, we love you, and we are happy to have you play whatever characters you want and identify however you need to here at the Vault. If you ever need to correct your name, pronouns, or other information, feel free to let us know and we are happy to work with you.

Summer of Battle!
I would like to address your attention to this thread for information on the first phase of our Summer of Battle we shall be having hear on the Vault. How it shall work is each month will be a different phase of the battle with threads based on the individual theme. Phase 1 will begin on June 1st, Phase 2 July 2nd, and the last phase August 1st.

To go along with this summer of battle we would like to draw your attention to this thread about potentially bringing dueling to the vault. Please feel free to speak freely on the subject in the thread.
Next Season
Finally we just would like to let everyone know this season is currently scheduled to end August 21st. This will be the final day of the season and we will be doing the season change as normal, so be sure to get your posts in by then!