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Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts...
...and Beauxbatons...and Durmstrang...and CAW...and RSI...and everywhere in between!

Another year has gone by, and as September after September passes we sometimes find ourselves at a loss for what to say! Mostly, we're just in awe that you're all back here again for yet another great Start of Term and—okay, okay, we know we say this every year: but we really think we're in for a good year this year, and we hope you'll love everything that we have in store!

That said, we did want to take a moment to acknowledge that many of our new features were purchased as premium add-ons for our software. Did we have to do this? Not necessarily, but several of the things we were able to accomplish were things that we knew our members have been wanting for years, and we thought we might as well go big or go home. The fact is, though, keeping the Vault online even without these add-ons isn't cheap, and our donations are often few and far between.

We'll have some more information about this season's donor rewards coming soon (stay tuned for another big announcement on September 5!) but in the mean time if you feel so inclined, even a few dollars (or pounds, or euros!) goes a long way when multiple people chip in, and when you consider the cost of many tabletop roleplaying game books or video games, enjoying the Vault truly is a bargain!

You can donate at any time by visiting the link in the sidebar, or heading to this link.

And now, on with the fun stuff!!!

★ New & Returning Features
  • Victorian Era has arrived! - Just in time for Albus Dumbledore's very first day at Hogwarts as a student, the time has come to delve into history's finest period of lace, proper language, gas lit streets... and of course seances, strange obsessions with murder, and more! (These are the Victorians, after all. There will be seances.)
  • Explore your wildest Potterverse ideas in the Crossover Sandbox! - This new addition to the Sandbox roleplaying section allows you to combine any fandom or genre you want with Harry Potter, just so long as you have at least one Harry Potter canon character in the thread or so long as it takes place in a location unique to the Wizarding World. Get creative and have fun!
  • Dust off your writing skills and character memories in the Solo Storytelling forum! - Replacing the old "Beyond the Story" forum, this new section of the Sandbox roleplaying section allows you to write individual stories and even open them up for feedback... if you choose. This is a section for stories focusing on one character rather than for roleplaying threads between multiple characters by the same player.
  • Too many characters? Use the new Account Switcher! - One of our brand new premium features, this option allows you to easily switch between any of your accounts that share the same email address simply by clicking your character name in the upper right hand corner. Your User Control Panel also gives you a glance at all of your characters and when they last posted... so you can easily see which ones you forgot about before the end of the season!
  • Get all your wizarding furniture needs covered at Freja's Furniture Forest! - It wouldn't be a new season without at least one new business, so we've turned a fan favorite concept into a new Scandinavian shopping destination for your characters! Check out all the details now in the Business Directory!
★ Feature Changes & Updates
Staff Changes
  • Please welcome Sammy and Susan to the Vaultkeeper Team!
Posting & Completed Story Rewards
  • Completed Stories of 10+ posts in the Fixed Timeline Eras are now worth 2 Quills each.
  • Completed Stories of 15+ posts in the Sandbox Forums are now worth 1 Quill each.
  • Beginning September 5, all players will be given an opportunity each season to continue a limited number of threads from the previous season.
Character Creation Changes
  • An option to include your Discord username has been added on the character sheet template for new players.
  • Character creation now costs 25 Quills per character, in accordance with our new reward policy.
Canon Character Creation & Activity
  • All players must now use the Canon Character Sheet for creating new canon characters.
  • Players wishing to create Canon Characters are no longer required to have a sample post.
  • Canon Characters have been redistributed into Main and Secondary Character categories.
  • Main Characters must post at least once per month to be considered active.
  • The limit of five (5) Canon Characters per player is still in effect, but no player may have more than two (2) active Main Characters as a part of their five canons.
Character Retirement
  • Retired Characters may no longer be brought out of retirement in the same season they were retired.
  • No Retired Character accounts will be deleted so long as the player's OOC Account remains active.
  • Restoring Active Character status on a Retired Character will cost 10 Quills.
  • Returning characters are automatically given the same job as they held previously so long as it is not a unique or superior position.
Character Inactivity
  • Inactive Characters will now cost 25 Quills to be restored to Active Character Status.
  • Job position for reactive characters is no longer guaranteed.
  • Character reactivation may no longer be used to change Character Type.
  • Players are only permitted a maximum of ten (10) Inactive Characters at a time, excess characters will be deleted beginning with the oldest.
Misc Changes
  • The Business Directory has been relocated to a forum within the Resource Library
  • The Crimson Noir Mortuary has been removed from the Business Directory due to its creator's inactivity. All existing Crimson Noir employees have been relocated to St. Mungo's.
  • Private Messages now show in their own notification icon in the site menu.
  • Quills now appropriately display as Quills instead of BBPoints and are no longer haunted.
  • Several forums have been rearranged or condensed to improve accessibility.
  • Character Creation information sticky threads have been made drastically nicer to look at.
  • The Quills Overview page in the resource library has been updated to include more up to date information.
  • The Character Creation & Management guide in the resource library has been updated.
  • Animated GIF images are no longer permitted in avatars following member feedback.
  • Avatar images are now larger following member feedback and are now 115px wide instead of 85px wide.
  • Players can now include their player name and a BBCode link to their player profile on their account.
  • Player information, if available, is now displayed in the bottom right corner of roleplaying posts.
  • An updated system has been put in place for adding Skills, Abilities, and other items to character accounts.
  • New players will now receive 50 Quills in order to balance our new amounts and Quill economy.
  • The Character Rosters are being transferred to the Business Directory and will likely be finished this week.

What's Up Next?!
This is only part one of what's to come... stay tuned for our next phase on September 5!

We've got even more in store, including...

★ New ways to acquire a job for your character or to earn a promotion
★ The return of Challenges, Collectibles, Skills, Abilities, and more
★ Information about our upcoming Archive Project and how you can help
★ Donor rewards for the current season and a look ahead at future donor options
★ Information on Factions, Businesses, and other upcoming returning features
★ More? Maybe! You'll have to wait and see!

Happy Roleplaying, and we'll see you on the forums!!!
Pssst... we'll be returning to a 24/7 sorting schedule, but it usually takes us a few days to recover from Start of Term, and we have new Vaultkeepers to train!
Thank you for your patience as we work our way back to making sorting available as often as possible.
 #15960  by Dizzy Izzy
Welcome back everyone!! Excited to see you all here.

All the new features are great, and I am very happy for the account switching ability, but my little plot loving heart can not wait to be able to continue some unfinished threads from last season.
 #15973  by Vyreia
Yay!!! I'm so excited! VICTORIAN ERA LADS!!

Welcome to Susan and Sammy! You were extremely helpful for downtime and I know you will both make this season so so good!
 #15975  by Aidan
Ok, there is definite tly some cool stuff I am excited about this season here.

I love the idea of the Victorian Era! Starting to get a few ideas already....

Love that we can switch characters more easily and see which we have not post with in a season! Soooo helpful! Some times end of season comes and I could have sworn I posted with someone!.... that I didn’t.

Also love that we can continue some threads in the next season. So often, despite warnings, it seems to sneak up on me.

So happy Avatars are going to be bigger now! I didn’t ask about that in the survey because I didn’t know that was an option to change it back. (Besides the part I assume all avatars have to be resized? But that’s ok.)

And congrats Sammy and Susan!
 #15995  by Vyreia
@Cat It's just a little tweak that needs removing. It's for 'Victorian Era' but for some reason it's showing up on regular threads. It'll go away soon ;D