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5 September, 2018 - Fall/Winter 2018 Season

As promised, we have a few more updates for you! We also would like to remind everyone that this past season we did not perform activity checks since many of our staff members were traveling abroad or unavailable, but we will be resuming regular activity requirements for this season, so be sure to dust off those characters you haven't played in awhile if you'd like to keep them active!

Summer 2018 Thread Retrieval is now open! - All players are permitted to bring back 3 (three) threads they did not finish last season to finish this season, and all donors are allowed to bring back 5 (five) instead of three! You may only bring back threads until September 30. Click Here to visit the Thread Revival Form.

Fall 2018 and September 2018 donation rewards are now live! We've also brought back our donation tracker! Visit the Donate Page for more information, but we'll spoil what September's reward is right here in the announcement: for every $1 USD donated this month, all donors will receive 1 Quill. So far we're up to 10 Quills for every donor, so you're guaranteed to get that many if you donate!

The sidebar has been updated with a few fun new things! Not a lot to see here, but we've made some little updates with some features we think are pretty enjoyable. Like what you see? Hate us? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

Beginning this Fall, we will be embarking on our Grand Archive Project. This project will help us build a new archive all the way back to 2013 (that's over five years of content, wow!) in a way that will hopefully be accessible and maintainable for years to come. Our current archives are destabilized and cannot handle mass amounts of traffic, so we hope that this project will help right that. We hope to have the first phase of the project accessible by December. If we can keep our Vaultkeeper team well staffed, we'll be even to do even more even sooner, so if you've ever considered becoming a Vaultkeeper click here to check out the application form. Anyone is welcome to apply!
That's all we've got for today, but we'll be back with even more soon!
Be sure to let us know what you think of our latest updates in the comments!
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Yay! Thread revival!! If anyone has any threads with me that they want to revive, PM me or message me on discord! <3

I love the poll at the side and the active users - I now have a character in the top 5 ;)

Also, update: if you donate $5, you will now get a whopping 65 quills off the bat! Woooooo!!!