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It's a New Year, and a New Vault!

Hello, Vault 713!

It's been a wild ride these past few months and over this last week of downtime especially, but we're happy to say that we're back and better than ever! We've got a new server, new features, and we're super excited about what this season is going to have to offer! We've worked really hard to get everything ready for you as we enter our seventeenth (yes, 17!!!!!!!) year of roleplaying, and we've really tried our best to take all of our feedback, suggestions, and input from the past few months and turn it into something truly wonderful that we hope you'll enjoy.

To help get in the spirit of things, we encourage all players - returning and not - to post in the Meet & Greet forum! Get to know your fellow players, share some new things about yourself and see who's who around the Vault community.

As a reminder, this season threads that take place December to April are welcome, and the season will officially end on April 28, 2018. While we have character creation temporarily closed, we plan to have it reopened for everyone by no later than January 3, 2018, along with access to our previous forum archives. We just request your patience for a few days while we get our things in order and make sure everything is functioning as normal.

Don't Forget! Since this is a fresh new forum on a fresh new server, you may notice that your passwords have changed and/or some accounts are inaccessible. If you filled out our transfer form at the end of the season, you should be able to log in using the creature name you listed as your password. If you capitalized the first letter, it will be capitalized in your password. If your password creature was less than 6 characters long (e.g. "bat") add enough numbers to get it up to 6. ("bat123") You can also use the "reset my password" feature. We recommend changing your passwords as soon as you log in. Characters that were not transferred at the end of the season will have an opportunity to do so later on in the week.

Are you a new player? Please feel free to create an OOC account, introduce yourself, and jump in to our discussion forums and sandbox roleplaying until Character Creation reopens!

Help! I didn't fill out the form!
Not to worry! Many OOC accounts have been transferred over even if you did not fill out the form. Please try to login and reset your password before recreating your account. Within the next 48 hours we should have an announcement up regarding how to transfer your characters and their information. Once you log into your OOC account, go ahead and re-introduce yourself in the Meet & Greet as we suggested above so that we know to activate your account as an existing player!

If you have trouble or questions, please feel free to visit the Help Desk or use the #Help channel in Discord if you find you are unable to post in the Help Desk (though guests and logged-out players are always welcome in the Help Desk!)

New Features

  • Account mentioning has returned! Just stick an @ in your post and you will be prompted to choose an account to mention. This works great for OOC discussions or for letting someone know that their character is being talked about. You can even play around with removing the @ symbol in the bbcode for a more seamless integration into roleplaying posts. Try mentioning @VaultBot if you would like!
  • New Quills Recording System! Quills are now added and removed from your account much more easily. It is no longer required to do math to subtract your Used Quills from Lifetime Quills, instead each account has a Quills total that reflects your current number of usable Quills. (And did we mention you can now send Quills to other players or transfer them to other accounts?)
  • New Achievements & Skill Badges! Merging the Achievements with the Skill Certifications, both now appear on your account and are much easier to track. We will be rolling out more Achievements and information on how to continue earning Skill Certifications within the coming weeks.
  • New Avatar Options! Avatars can now range in size from 100 x 100 pixels to 300 x 300 pixels, with the best images for display being perfectly square. You may also now upload era-specific avatars instead of having to link them remotely. While threads now display a smaller avatar size by default, they can be clicked on to display a larger version and also work much better while browsing on mobile.
  • New Topic Tags! To mark a thread as Completed, you can now do so by clicking the = icon to the left of the subject line when editing the first post of a thread. Likewise, we now have a home icon to be used for roleplaying threads that take place in a character's residence.
  • New Resource Library Format! We have moved the Resource Library to the forums themselves, which you can access via the Forum Index and via the bar at the top of the entire Vault. In addition to this, we have condensed the Business Directory into a single document which you can save to your own Google Drive if you so please, and more easily search between individual businesses.

Community News & Updates
  • Dizzy Izzy has joined the Administrator team! Izzy has been a member and a staff member of the Vault for many many years now and we are thrilled that she is joining us as an admin to help better serve you. Please be patient as we show her the ropes of administrative duties, but also offer her a hearty congratulations for her continued dedication to the Vault!

  • Christmas Wishes survey results! At the end of the season, we released a Christmas Wishes survey for all Vault members. It was posted on the forums, on the downtime page, and on Facebook for all members to fill out. Unfortunately, we only had one member fill this out, so we will only be granting one wish for this season: @Binxyboo, after wishing that you would not have to post on every character every season to remain active, we're granting your wish with one season (January to April 2018) where your characters will remain active even if you don't post on them. Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out our survey, and we've kept all your other wishes in mind as well for our further discussions on how to improve the Vault!

  • The Yule Ball is coming! We will begin our first event of the season on Wednesday, January 3 - the Yule Ball in Golden Era! Stay tuned for more information on how this event will work and what special features will be available during the event.

Coming Up Next...
  • Character Creation will reopen by January 3, 2018.
  • Previous archives will become available within the week
  • Business Creation, Skill Certifications, and similar features will return by the end of January.
 #472  by fizzing-whizbee
I just wanted to pop in and say I hope everybody else loves the new site as much as I do! <3

Also congrats, @Binxyboo! Hope you have a nice relaxing season without all that pressure :) I hope we'll still see you posting a lot though!!!
 #487  by TyrellRose
Aaahhh I'm so happy we have this beautiful new site!!!!! And we can transfer quills now!!!!!!!

Congrats to @Dizzy Izzy for your promotion! It's been a blast rping with you for the past few years and working with you this past season and I'm sure you'll do great in this new role!
 #489  by Lilly
So Excite! Much Wow! Once again I am blown away. The new site is amazing and MUCH more user friendly. I'm looking forward to being able to use all the new and exciting features it has to offer. Also looking forward to the Yull Ball in Golden so I can play out awkward Harry.
 #1157  by Binxyboo
tundratown wrote: 03 Jan 2018, 13:30 Also congrats, @Binxyboo! Hope you have a nice relaxing season without all that pressure :) I hope we'll still see you posting a lot though!!!
thank you! :D this is actually really going to be useful and help me a lot for this season.. real life has gone crappy, and my muse to post has gone down greatly. So knowing I have this breather from posting all characters really helps! :)