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It's time for the 2018 Halloween Bash!
Ready to get spooky?! It's time for a Halloween Event!

Head on over to the 2018 Halloween Bash forum to get started! We've got challenges, prizes, and even more fun stuff coming throughout the event. We've also got a brand new set of Halloween Curios for your Curio Cabinet too, and once the event is over you won't be able to earn them again!

We also have even more ways for you to earn rewards by donating during the event, so don't forget that you can donate at any time by visiting the link in the sidebar, or heading to this link.

Oh, and one last thing—while you're participating in the Halloween Bash, why not consider trying our new [spooky] bbcode? Just beware of ghosts...!

★ Just a few reminders...
  • Help us help you! - While we try our best to help as many players as possible as quickly as possible, we have set up a few ways to help do this easier. We kindly ask that you use the Help Desk, #help channel in discord, or private messages on the Vault forums for your questions so that we can address them in a way that helps you the best. We ask that you do not use Discord direct messaging or other offsite messaging, such as Facebook, to contact the staff with questions.
  • Respect the work of your fellow players! - Even though much of our BBcode may look similar when put together, many of our players have worked hard to create their own custom layouts for player profiles, classifieds, and more. Please do not borrow code from other players without asking, even if (and especially if!) you plan on "making it your own." Instead, please consider using the Template Repository to find new templates or sending a private message to ask permission before using someone else's work. If you wouldn't borrow part of someone's roleplaying post, you wouldn't want to borrow someone's code either!
Happy Roleplaying, and we'll see you on the forums!!!
☠ ☠ ☠