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Love is in the Air!
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Hello, hello! It's been awhile, hasn't it?!

Vault 713, we owe you an apology: we've been here, we've been updating things on and off, but we've forgotten to post announcements and instead have been doing those updates largely on Discord! Following our most recent surveys, it turns out a few of you were really looking forward to these announcements, so for that we are deeply sorry. The good news is we promise not to leave you non-Discord users in the dark again, and we have a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline… some of which is already here for you right here, right now, so you can feel the roleplaying love!

We'd also like to take a moment to thank ALL of our donors—we couldn't keep this place afloat without you! We have some fantastic donor rewards for this season and this month as well for those of you who have considered chipping in: we've got Quills, Curios, an extra Free Season Character for ALL players who make a donation between January 1st and April 30, and if you head over to our Donation Page you can see our special rewards just for our February donors! And remember, we welcome donations of any size and offer rewards for those over $5 USD (since PayPal takes a cut of the funds) — any amount is helpful, and even just sharing the Vault link with a friend and encouraging more folks to join our roleplaying family is helpful as well!

Now, on with the good stuff!

★ New & Updated Features
  • New Feature: Connection Classifieds - We've retired the Meet & Greet forum in favor of something new that we think is a little more reflective of how people actually play these days! Players new and old can post recently-created characters in this forum to connect with others they might know. Meet classmates, coworkers, arch rivals, potential lost cousins, or anything else you could possibly need to fill out your character's story. New players are also welcome to use this as an opportunity to introduce themselves to our community!

  • New Feature: Owlery Forums - After some great feedback from YOU, we've decided that what's old is new again: we're bringing back the Owlery for sending owls! This time there's just a small twist: each era has its own Owlery forum for your conversations, and you can pay Quills to have an owl sent to someone anonymously or from the official Owl Post account, such as for plot-related reasons. Visit each Fixed Timeline Era to see the new forums and to learn more!

  • New Feature: BBCode Testing Ground - Have you ever wanted to test out some BBCode without messing up your profile? Head on over to this new section in the Template Repository and test to your heart's desire! Feel free to experiment all you want or even ask for feedback from your fellow players!

  • Updated Feature: Image Guidelines - We made a mistake! It turns out our Image Guidelines had been inadvertently omitted from our most recent iteration of the Vault 713 Rules & Guidelines, so we added them back. Thank you for your patience in the mean time, and feel free to take the time now to refresh your memory on all of our guidelines!

  • Updated Feature: New Roleplay Bingo Card - We have a brand new winter themed Roleplay Bingo card up for your enjoyment! Head on over to the Story Hub to check it out and start your threads. You can complete your bingo card anytime now through March 31, and all February 2019 donors receive an extra "Free Space" to use anywhere on their bingo card!
★ Update Changelog
  • The Wanted Characters Classifieds forum has been moved underneath the "Create A Character" forum

  • The Meet & Greet forum has been removed

  • The News & Rumors submission form has been updated to reflect changes to the Owl Post system

  • News and Rumors will now be posted once a week if ample submissions have been received

  • The Canon Hogwarts and Canon Wizarding World sandbox forums are now the Canon Potterverse sandbox

  • The Owls, News, & Rumors guide has been updated to reflect only information on News and Rumors

  • The Finding Roleplaying Partners & Plotting guide has been updated to reflect our new features

  • A new Owl Post & Character Communication guide has been added to reflect our new Owlery system

  • A Community tab now exists in the main menu, with Discord and Donation links

  • The BBCode Guide link inside the Resources menu tab is no longer invisible
  • Help us help you: When posting in the Help Desk or #Help Channel, please include any relevant information that will ensure that staff know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. Extra things you may consider including are links, screenshots, etc. that help us get a better picture of what is going on.

  • Contacting Staff: If you need to contact staff for help, we ask that you use the Help Desk, the #Help Channel, or if the matter is private, the Private Messaging system on the forum. Please refrain from using Discord DMs to contact staff directly for assistance. Sometimes a staff member may reach out over Discord if the matter calls for it, and in that case it is fine to reply, but please do not reach out via Discord.

  • Staff Availability: While we as staff love to make every effort to address everything in a timely fashion, we do have busy schedules offline. Sometimes, it may take up to 24-48 hours for a response from staff. We ask that you please be patient; we will help as soon as we are able to.

  • Images: Many of our members choose to visit Discord on their mobile devices with limited data plans. We ask that you be conscious of this when posting images on Discord, as downloading images uses a lot of data. Out of respect for your fellow players, please consider posting very large images on the forum and linking to them in Discord instead.

  • Character Activity: As of March 1st, all characters that have not logged onto the forum after September 1, 2018 without using the account switch feature will be made inactive. In order to keep your characters active, please manually log into each character. While making a post is not required to maintain active character status, it is recommended.Canon characters that have not made one in-game post by March 1st will be deleted.

  • Activity Requirements: Normal activity requirements will resume March 1st.
Roses are red, violets are blue,
We know we couldn't address every survey response all at once because there were a bunch of them,
But we promise we haven't forgotten about you!!!

(Really! Keep an eye on the Bulletin Board! And if you haven't filled out your Kickoff Survey, there's still time!)