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Next Stop: Summertime!
Time to kick off the Summer 2019 roleplaying season in style!

Holy moly, can you believe it's summertime already? It feels like it was just January five minutes ago, and here we are kicking off our second season of the year! This season we're embracing our founding theme from way back in 2001, "Hogwarts as WE know it!" To do that, we've implemented a few new features and made a few changes to really get in touch with our roleplaying roots and help to make everyone feel welcome.

We know you're excited to get right to it, so we'll keep this part short and sweet—but first, we want to update you on a few changes to our staff team! A big congratulations to @Vyreia, who will be joining the administrative team as @*Admin Vy ! Vy has been a huge help behind the scenes and we are looking forward to being able to be even more productive now that she's in purple! Additionally, @Arsene has rejoined us as a Vaultkeeper, so please give her a warm welcome back as well!

If you'd like to help us out behind the scenes too, come join us! Fill out your Vaultkeeper application by clicking right here.

Oh, and one last note—we have some great donor rewards for you this month! You can check them out or donate at any time by visiting the link in the sidebar, or heading to the Donate Page.

New & Updated Features
New Player Guides have returned!
Whether you have a friend joining or just want to make sure you've checked out everything the Vault has to offer, you can now access our New Player Handbook once again, along with our Find Your Magic collection of "starter kits" to help steer you or your newest roleplaying partner in the right direction for your interests.

Story Starters now has a companion forum!
Ready to take your character to the next level? Our new Character Development Corner has everything you need! We've relocated our Special Abilities and Skill Certification options to this forum and will have even more character development options for you throughout the season...we already have a few big ones planned for Start of Term 2019!

Bring on the Fancy Fonts!
Why stop at just spooky and festive? We've brought on 11 (yes ELEVEN) new font types for use in your templates, posts, profiles, and wherever you can think of! Take your characters to a convention with our new ['comic] font style, embrace your wizarding sensibilities with ['magical] text, and more! Visit our improved BBCode Guide for more information and for a preview of all of our delightful new text options.

New Canon Character Guidelines
You asked, we delivered: after reviewing previous feedback, past and current activity levels, and having a months long discussion, our canon rules have been amended to reflect the fact that our Main Characters will be NPC characters beginning with this season and will be unavailable for regular play, but will remain playable (as all characters are!) in the freeform roleplaying sections. Players who had Main Characters last season that were not lost due to inactivity will have until May 31, 2019 to access their accounts for drafts, messages, and so on. More information on our canon changes can be found on the Create a Canon Character thread.

General Updates
  • The BBCode Guide has been moved to the Template Repository.
  • The Event Hosting Guide has been updated with new requirements and information.
  • Brand new for the Summer Season, view our new Thread Prompts and do as many as you can for prizes!
  • The Character Add-Ons Guide has been added to clarify the add-ons process.
  • A brand new Roleplay Bingo Card has been added for Summer.
  • Our first round of Player Bingo has begun with active players from last season.
  • Owlery forums in all eras now have appropriate forum icons
  • News Submissions will now be posted on Sunday and Rumors on Wednesdays
  • The Submission Box will now be closed during the first two weeks and last two weeks of each season for processing
  • Appropriate labels have been added to most forums to indicate their category or purpose
  • The Rules & Guidelines have been updated to better reflect our Discord participation requirements
Notes & Reminders
★ All donor rewards from last season have been distributed. Players with the April 2019 event reward will be contacted by May 15. We have also attempted to retain all threads from April 2019 donors, but if threads have been missed, please use the thread revival form or report the thread to be moved.

★ Looking for a thread to join? We've got you covered! Our staff members have scattered a number of open threads throughout the forums for YOU (yes, you!) to join in to kick off the new season. We have just about every era covered, so there's something for everyone! And of course feel free to start your own threads too—we couldn't do this without you!

Happy Roleplaying, and we'll see you on the forums!!!

Thanks for your patience with our extended downtime this season!
 #25403  by Vyreia
Congratulations @Arsene!! It's gonna be awesome to have you on the team!

This season is gonna be so good: I hope to see loads of plots and events going on! <3