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Summertime in Full Swing!
It's June, which means it's time to get out your Summer cloaks and go broom surfing!

June is here, and our first month of the Summer 2019 roleplaying season is already under our belts!!! As we get into vacation time, we encourage everyone to stop by the Story Hub for player-driven plots, thread ideas, and more! We've got plenty of fun to keep you busy all Summer long!
Survey Says...
May Surveys: Results Are In!
We've collected the results of our surveys from May for your perusal. The results of these surveys, along with future surveys (including a few in this announcement if you keep reading!) will be used to determine any updates made for Start of Term 2019. You can view the Canon Character Survey Results or the Roleplaying Preferences Survey, both in PDF form.

Tell Us What You Want: Prizes, Rewards, and Donating!
The Vault has always offered some awesome rewards for donors and for completing threads, challenges, and other activities, so we want to give you another chance to have your say on what sort of rewards we offer, both for donating and for in-game activities, and your opinions on some alternatives in keeping this board available for play! Fill in the survey at this link -- even if you do not donate and do not plan to, we still have all kinds of questions about completed story rewards, whether or not we should place advertisements on the site, and more!

How Are We Doing: Rules, Guidelines, & RP Etiquette
It's that time again, and we're rolling out our annual-ish survey on our rules and guidelines, how they should look, and whether or not we should enforce commonly understood roleplaying etiquette. This is one of our most important surveys, so you'll want to make sure you make your voice heard! Visit the survey link to fill it out now!
Updates & Reminders
  • Updated FAQ: After review, we have updated our Frequently Asked Questions to make it more helpful and efficient! Don't see your question on the list? You are still more than welcome to ask any unlisted questions in our Discord's #help channel, or our forum Help Desk. As a reminder, the #help channel on Discord is preferred for short, easily-answered questions with all long-form questions being directed to the Help Desk forum.

  • Reviewing Guidelines: The Vault staff highly recommend regularly reviewing our community Rules & Guidelines. They are subject to change at any time, and although major changes are announced, we prompt players to refresh themselves on our expectations. These guidelines are not a method of limitation, but are created specifically with the purpose to ensure a fair, safe, and welcoming roleplaying environment.

  • Making Use of the Character Workshop: The character workshop is a great place to get a first opinion on characters. Anyone can comment on sheets posted here, making it a great tool to find plots and partners. We also recommend posting sheets here first to double check any details; this can be done by referring to the Character Creation Guide, and by brushing up on the setting plots

  • Tagging Thread Locations: All timeline threads are to be titled with a location tag first ([England] Summertime). Try to keep these location tags broad with any specific location details in the first post. This can be done using our <thread> and <thread_detailed> codes found in our BBCode Guide

  • May's Donations: All May donors will or have already received a PM from an admin regarding their donor reward.

  • Future Donations: As of May 31, we received 67% of our donation goal. We would like to remind players that donations are what keep Vault713 up and running for everybody to play on without intrusive advertisements. However, if our monthly goal continues to fall short the alternate option of bringing advertisements back on the board to help pay the costs is becoming more likely. We would highly appreciate if those of you who have opinions on advertisements take the reward survey mentioned earlier in this announcement to please let us know how you feel and your ideas for keeping us afloat!
✿ Happy Roleplaying, and we'll see you on the forums!✿