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Those Summer Nights!
It's coming up September! Pack your school supplies and brush up on those potion books!
We're mid-August, can you believe it!? Those Summer holidays just flew by! As always here at Vault, the end of Summer needn't be sad since we've got some great surprises ahead of us for the new school term! Below, we have some reminders to make sure you're all packed up and ready for Hogwarts (or Beauxbatons, or Durmstrang, or Chicago Academy of Wizardry, or Romanian Spellca- you get it!)

As a general reminder, we have reset our Vault713 donation metre. This month's donation reward is an additional free season character for the start of term! You can donate at any time by visiting the link in the sidebar, or heading here.

★ General Reminders...
  • Downtime: The Summer downtime will commence on the 25th (midnight on the 24th) of August. The forums will re-open in the beginning of September
  • Character Creation: Character creation and reactivation is now closed and will re-open in the new season. Players are more than welcome to make use of the Character Workshop and can request feedback for future character ideas.
  • Closing Threads: Please remember to report all timeline threads as completed in order to receive rewards. This can be done by clicking the top-right report button of the starting post and selecting the 'completed thread' - to make it easier, we ask for you to list all included characters in stories to ensure all accounts are rewards. Threads that are not reported, excluding sandbox threads, will be archived as unfinished.
  • Let's Chat!: During downtime, the Discord will remain open. Players are welcome and encouraged to discuss plots, ideas, characters, theories and more with the community! You are also welcome to use the #help-desk channel for any questions you may have.
Happy Roleplaying, and we'll see you on Discord!