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Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts...
...back to witches and wizards and magical beasts
to goblins and ghosts, it's a magical feast!

Welcome to the third day of our Seven Days of Start of Term! We hope everyone is enjoying the new roleplaying season and our new site features. If you don't know what new features we have, take a look at our September 1st announcement.

★ Community Project: Build-A-Business
  • The results are in! For Phase I, you guys chose the new business to be located in...Africa!
  • The location poll has now been closed, and we will now be moving onto phase 2 - which is eras!
  • Head on over to the Phase 2 Poll to vote for which era you would like to see used for our new business!

★ Bingo
There was a magizoologist who had a dragon and Bingo was his name-o!

  • A brand new Roleplay Bingo for the Fall 2019 season has been posted! Head on over and check it out - who knows, maybe you can mark off a square with one of the threads you're currently working on?
  • We also have a brand new Player Bingo for the Fall 2019 season! For every player you complete a thread with, you could earn some awesome rewards! Please note that the list of players was generated from all active players last season.

★ Special Promotion
  • If you reply to this announcement with your favourite Hogwarts or other wizarding school class and tell us why, you could earn 15 bonus quills!

Happy Roleplaying!
Pssst...replying to announcements can earn you Quills and prizes!
 #30331  by Peyton
Woo guys! Anyone excited for Bingo?

Also-- My favorite Hogwarts class would have to be astronomy. I'm super excited about stars and planets and how beautiful they are. Once, I saw Saturn through a telescope and geeeeeeked out!
 #30332  by Vyreia
I'm excited for bingo! I love challenges!

My favourite class would be potions. I like just...cutting things and adding them and stirring - I already do it with soup, so why not a potion?
 #30355  by Nik
Definitely going to try and do Bingo this season!

Also, I love the idea of Astronomy!! Just learning about the stars and stuff was always so cool to me. Plus, fun fact, I wanted to study Astronomy when I was younger!